Bitcoin, Blockchain & Co: Chance or Risk? – Jim Rickards on “In Gold we Trust 2018” (3/4)

In this four-part video series Jim Rickards, bestselling author and investment banker, discusses the core topics of this year´s “In Gold we Trust” report with the two authors Ronald-Peter Stöferle and Mark Valek.

This part of the video series offers an analysis of the progressing technology in our economic system. Rickards explains why his approach to cryptocurrencies is rather critical and why it is necessary to distinguish between coins/tokens and the technology behind it. Moreover, SDR trades and its consequences for the monetary system are illuminated in this section.

Core issues:
– Combination of gold and blockchain (4min)
– The value of bitcoin and blockchain (7min)
– Crypto SDR as a world currency mechanism (6min)
– SDR/Gold stabilizes (9min)

For further information, please visit the following links and download the “In Gold we Trust report 2018”:

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