4 gedachten over “Bitcoin ATH What’s Next?/Substratum/Tezos Thoughts/Hodl Altcoins/ Bitcoin Gold Plans”

  1. you should probably take a look at DBIX, they will have their own exchange Palmex next week and will hit a big exchange in a week or so, with a very small supply, for me this is going back to 50 dol at least by december

  2. How would you classify EthBet? I felt it was a good ICO to invest in cause 1. its just making a betting website (no new tech to invent to make happen) 2. its peer to peer betting makes lower fees than house based sites so that should attract customers 3. other betting sites have been very successful, My only thing is my ico price of 17-20 cents a coin i paid on day 1 before it sold out can already be bought for 25% of that, 5-8 cents right now. So I coulda waited and had 4 times the coins. Im holding for the early 2018 site release but I was interested in what you think.

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