Bitcoin 2021 Pre-Conference Mini Interview with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Pre Conference Mini Interview with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
By Joe Rodgers

In this mini-interview, host Joe Rodgers sat down with long-time Bitcoiners and Keynote speakers Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. Keiser and Herbert have been front liners spreading the good word of Bitcoin and most recently started a new podcast and telegram community aptly named Orange Pill.

Besides having the best legs in Bitcoin, Keiser shares the stage with fellow ultra-bull Michael Saylor for the most anticipated keynote of Bitcoin 2021.

Herbert and Keiser share a noticeable displeasure with central banking. When asked about the most important topic to come out of Bitcoin 2021, they echoed each other in responses regarding Bitcoin decentralization being the big takeaway.

Keiser jokingly said he will do his best to orange-pill Saylor and I believe there will be fireworks. Worst case scenario is we see several thousand dollars destroyed on stage as a protest to central banks.

Keiser shares the stage with Saylor on June 4 at 10:40 AM and my advice to those of you who plan on catching this in person, get in the conference room early. This will be elbow room only.

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Be sure to give Herbert and Keiser a follow on Twitter and join the Orange Pill Telegram group. Max might even show us his Bitcoin speedo at the conference so keep your eyes peeled!

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21 gedachten over “Bitcoin 2021 Pre-Conference Mini Interview with Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert”

  1. WTF with Max's super-low microphone signal? He must already have his Speedo on with his feet on the desk. Horrific. I really don't want to imagine that.

  2. I don't think Michael Saylor needs orangepilling by Max Keiser or by anyone else.

  3. What if Every Country went bankrupt and the only thing left was Crypto/Bitcoin to run the world?

  4. I hope everyone wears their face nappy and gets vaccinated before they go to the conference. People are dying left and right. There's dead bodies all along the streets in my neighborhood. The morgue is having a hard time keeping up. Wish everyone would stay home and listen to our gods Gates and Fauci. Really appreciate their work. I got a call from a guy today who helped me with my cars extended warranty. He was nice. His name was Jake and he said he was wearing khakis

  5. The Mayor is attracting companies with government FIAT money? WAY TO GO MAX SUPPORTING GIVING BITCOINERS FIAT MONEY!

  6. Max, please ask Saylor why his original very strong critique on Musk's tweet about the energy inefficiencies of Bitcoin, in particular what it would mean for the downtroden in developing countries as said by Saylor, (by a rich entitked CEO who outspokenly supported the 2019 Bolivi Coup against Evo Morales over Lithium), was so short lived?

  7. i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs luna lucia,her trading strategies are top notch.

  8. I won’t be at the conference, unfortunately, but I want to say that an imposter masquerading under the name of “Bitlocity “ will be there looking to fleece more newbies like me of your BTC, or any crypto for that matter. Beware! They have ripped off thousands of people and now parade as though they have something to offer. They don’t. They just take yours.

  9. Make sure to give Mike Saylor the space and opportunity to deliver !!

  10. Let’s stay on the message of Bitcoin the only proven store of value replacing Gold and Bond, make world safer by weakening the war and inflation living Fiats and saving accounts for billions including unbanked billions!!

  11. Its a shame stacy and max volume is so low but the interviewer IS THIS LOUD AND CLIPPING! Grade school kids do better streams

  12. Anybody else think Keiser looks and sound like Moe from Simpsons

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