7 gedachten over “Bitcoin 2019: Max Keiser”

  1. Good on ya Daniel, I would not have patience with these frauds (Tone, Keiser and rest of the propaganda parrots from BTC cult)
    I would tell them to fuck off

  2. Great video. This is the time to stop gambling money and looking at prices all day by building a rock strong winning strategy and start making profit by sticking to it. The key is to do this without emotion as this is the biggest self setback as a business person. Some people are still waiting for a correction to start buying bitcoins and others are waiting for a major bull run to start making profit but those approaches are wrong and my portfolio is a testimony to that. I actually may not be as good as i sound but i am smart. I researched and follow Keith Ryan for trade patterns and signals which have been so accurate, easy to use and good my portfolio is exploding with profit. I suggest him keithhryann@gmailcom for all who seriously want to make incredible profit from bitcoin without having to just buy and hold which is easiest to do but very unproductive right now and most likely in the future

  3. hhaahah cam op has a case of the celebrity shakes methinks. It happens to the best of us.

  4. Max Keiser trying to be funny but just annoyingly loud and noisy trying to be funny. I bet he doesn't invite you on your show?

  5. Funny at one point he listen to jon matonis, now he doesn't.

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