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  1. Hey my brother, good shit as always! It’s crazy as you are on YouTube. I’ve always seen through that and felt you were a genuine guy with integrity. And now that I’ve seen this video you’ve put out I believe it even more I don’t care what Crypto Galaxy says lol I love you bro keep up the good work man.

  2. Agree with everything you say Jayden, I used to listen a bit boy but I grew tired of him but I wish him well πŸ§πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸš€

  3. We need you 😊😊
    We appreciate you.
    Don’t go anywhere

  4. Thank you for keeping it real. Continue…with the excellent content!

  5. Naw bro him an some guy Ben.Eth rugged a lot of people with that Ben coin

  6. You're not boring specially the old Harry Potter music. You are a good entertainer.

  7. Some people invest and dont look at the charts or dont there own analysis and just listen to what the yourubers say in the end gives crypto a bad name just because they dont do there proper research the market can change anytime it wants depending on whos doing it like blackrock could take everything out elon could or anyone with big bags can have a magnificent impact on the market if u dont listen to invest at ur own risk or this is not financial advice thats on you not who youve been listening too

  8. I’m beside myself right now even hours later since watching their live streams… I don’t know who to believe… I enjoy TJ, Nick and all the people at the block chain basement and NFT alpha and the morning TA etc etc but it seems like Ben brought in all these people and then they turned on him! I know he had Talked about going to Dubai Due to lack of Government oversight and lack of a proper regulation. My guess is he wants to leave but no one else wanted to. So best to do is to disband the bitboy crypto from HIT network. Their loss, Ben’s and BEN coin’s gain! His heart and soul is what got me excited and into crypto in February of 2020! He will survive I have no doubt! Great video man.

  9. Ben will forever be a pillar to the entire crypto community amd history. Just like you J. Aloha πŸ€™

  10. I hope the Bitboy I once got to know comes back. He hasn't been himself lately. Jayden you have the right attitude.Keep being who you are. ❀

  11. You are absolutely right as you tell and warn people it is at your own risk, as you repeat yourself enough. Obviously someone had it in for Ben Armstrong or was jealous as he spoke the truth also, their is to many idiots into making videos that are liars so you don’t watch them, people that are genuine are far and few between and you are a serious person and very honest

  12. Mmmmmmmmm the only I will be said this guy's is not the only or the last happen fired your own channel Steve job he get fired he's own imperial he builds next life is still going

  13. Watch every video man; its your positive vibes and energetic way of explaining things that makes even down days feel like fun πŸ₯²

  14. I appreciate what you do mate just watching your videos is comforting alone throw this bear market it's definitely really hard to stay level minded but your videos help a lot πŸ™

  15. Great vid. Your absolutely right, at the end of the day everyone is a product of themselves. I must say I’m a little jelly that your able to go down 6fig when the market drops. Mine just swings in the thousands day to day. Hoping to get big league -6fig swings one day hehe. Thanks man, always enjoy the videos.

  16. Yes, very useful information. But it is more reliable to earn Crypton cryptocurrency in decentralized ecosystem Utopia p2p.

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