Binance US Delists $AMP | Mass Token Delisting’s Incoming???

Binance.US has decided to delist the AMP token “out of an abundance of caution” after the SEC recently alleged AMP was a security in its insider trading case against an ex-Coinbase employee and two associates, according to a Binance company blog post on Monday. Binance.US said the trading of AMP may resume in the future on its platform, but noted that “we are taking this step now until more clarity exists around the classification of AMP.” With 25 other tokens potentially hinted at being securities by the SEC, are we about to see mass delisting’s of tokens across various U.S. exchanges?

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~Binance US Delists $AMP | Mass Token Delisting’s Incoming???~
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30 gedachten over “Binance US Delists $AMP | Mass Token Delisting’s Incoming???”

  1. If you vote then I guess you’re a security. Kind of like with stockholders. So if that’s the case what is going to happen to the alt coin universe?

  2. G what happened to the argument that “Crypto is like software“ .?????

  3. It's all an excuse to attack crypto. If they are worried about dollars leaving the economy into crypto, they can just add regulations on the transfer from dollars to crypto/stable coins and done.

  4. No wonder coinbase is failing they were giving amp to new customers and trying to market it at one point. They would give 3$ for free in it.

  5. If your favorite hyped up speculative platform isn't actively being adopted by banks, governments, institutions and the business world, it's going to zero. That narrows the list of winning platforms down to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and Ripple. Everything else is going to zero, yes that includes Cardano, Theta and Vechain, all of which have always been hyped up nothing.

  6. I put 1k into amp back when it was .05 because of its development team and use case, i.e., rail for payment, Now I'm looking at buying more amp. Reason: even the SEC can't "do stupid" indefinitely. Same thing with xrp. Good team. Compelling use. Time will come, perhaps soon, when the SEC has to f***, fight or hold the light. When that happens, the rails will pop. In the meantime, it's not surprising that legacy finance is trying to undermine development of the rails … starting with exchanges. Gensler was CFO for Hillary's failed campaign. You don't need to know much else. Both are about to become ghosts.

  7. I wonder why they don’t want us buying Amp. There can only be one reason.

  8. Michael Saylor, like Elon Musk and Kathy Wood, are not all that.

  9. Dumped a majority of my XYO the day it went on that run for hella profit.
    Exchanged it into AMP which has been on a tumble since.
    Way she goes.

  10. I would love to see a deep rive into RXD Radix its a relatively new defi layer 1 they are holding up pritty well in this bear market and meeting targets i think this could do well in this cycle

  11. Does AMP is still , continue to be, or will be listed on Pancake Swap instead ?

  12. And by the way Binance does what SEC told them to do since they're incorporated in Malta? Is it delisting only on Binance US ?

  13. I've had high hopes for Powr since 2020. Seems like a legit project with crazy utility that could be utilized worldwide but stepping on the toes of the energy and banking sectors at the same time could be too beneficial for the common man!

  14. Hex looks interesting. If a coin is deemed a security then exchanges needs SIPC insurance which benefits customers on failed exchanges

  15. Gary is simply running interference for the banking industry.
    He doesn't give a sh!t about fairness and ethics..

  16. Great video< and some nice tips! This is a
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  17. diamonds ! video was great. and yes keep it going please. thank you keep up the great work!

  18. Brought more Amp and the SEC will be eliminated by November or sooner that building is shutdown your watching a TV show and it's almost over and those without xrp and those so called security coins will be shit faced by year end

  19. could you do an interview with „Ivan on tech“? He is the head of Moralis and a big brain. would love to see you two talking about some topics

  20. FIFA has named Algorand as its official blockchain sponsor ahead of the 2022 World Cup. It starts November 1st.

  21. With crypto, i like to think about if the coin has actual utility that generates its own income and isnt just pumping from new capital comming in.

    I like Acquirefi ($ACQ) because it will share its profits from the market place directly with holders. I don't see any other coin doing that. 🚀🖤

  22. Binance is no longer relevant. Often there is blocking of users, trading limits, verification. All this is not on the cryptocurrency exchange crp is

  23. So Flexa AMP has gone prime time. MC and VISA know the threat and have deployed their army to take it down. This only brings mass attention to what was an unknown coin. Under a penny, Incredible risk reward opportunity.

  24. They are being targeted because they have a marketcap larger than 3/4 coins listed. The Fcc trying to claim this coin for their own , pimpentry being trickkled down.

  25. Comparing AMP to XRP is like compairing a 2 year old to a 9 year old. AMP hasn't been around as long as XRP and hasn't had the time to grow as a community.

    Also, AMP is the only collateral token in the crypto market. XRP does not share the same tokenomics.

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