Binance Stop Limit Order Explained ✅

laatste update: 08-2022

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In this video you will learn what a stop limit order is on Binance and when to use it.

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13 gedachten over “Binance Stop Limit Order Explained ✅”

  1. Hi Guido – thanks for this video, very helpful. Is there a way to trigger an order if a coin reaches a certain price – so not that it drops to a certain price, but climbs to a certain price? Thanks

  2. i really see no difference to the LIMIT option , it just hold your order until the price that you set reached , just like LIMIT order

  3. Hi! I set a sell limit order at a specific price but it automatically sold my coin for a different price? Eg. I set a limit order at $1.30 but it sold at $1.3253 average. Is this normal?

  4. How much lower do you need to set the limit price compared to stop price in order to get it to work 100% successfully? Because from what I've read stop limit orders might fail if you set things wrong. Can it be Stop 40000 and limit 3999? And what about other coins? Is there a safe/working price difference in % between stop and limit?

  5. i dont understand it says "If the last price rises to or above" not below or down xD in the new binance

  6. Helpful, thanks, but a better description of using limit order when Buying (buying back after short selling) would have been even better.

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