Binance Liquid Swaps Explained and Tutorial ✅ in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Binance save 10% on fees:

In this video I am going to explain to you how Binance Liquid Swaps work. We will talk about swapping cryptocurrencies, how to provide liquidity and how to earn interest with your liquidity.

Binance save 10%:

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  1. Can you walk through this again after a few days to explain the PNL situation and the History data? Also the profits that are earned go to spot account, can they be automatically added back into the pool? If not can they go back in via the Earn button in the spot wallet? Once you've entered a pool, and the % drops for the same subscription does this affect the rate you went in at?

  2. Does it make any difference on the income, if you collect the rewards hourly/daily? Or its better to let them sit?

  3. What is the market making pnl? If it is negative what does that means?

  4. What does it mean inrealised pnl? How it affect reswards, or my amount?

  5. Isnt Last day Yield ($) and Total Unclaimed Rewards (you get this as BNB) two totally separate things? now you are kind of explaining like they are one and same thing, confusing.

  6. Hi im new, i tried this with the new matic pool as i like matic quite a bit. Hopefully i win 😂

  7. It seem the liquid swap will lost coin during the bull 🐂 but when bear market the coin will be increase seem not good investment in liquid swap.

  8. May I know what does it mean by Trading fee under the total yield (details)? I means I have to pay that amount of trading fee from my yield?? The numbers are pretty huge tho

  9. I got burned on impermanent loss you probably need to educate the newbs about that as it can negate all the interest easily. You basically make money in a rising market but lose it quickly. in a falling market.

  10. Is the Binance liquid swap fee of 10% on BTC / USDT reduce the advertised yield of 13% to be really 3 %? The liquid swap yields are good but Binance does not state if fees reduce that or if the yield shown is AFTER fees are taken. Can you help?

  11. so basicly with a few thousend dollars you can earn like 100dollars in a year? thats nothing

  12. What are the risks for putting my money into the liquidity pool? I like the interest rates but even Binance warns of high risk. But what exactly can go wrong?

  13. basically, that was a little light … Am I basically right? or did I basically missed something?

  14. why would people use the liquidity swap instead of the conversion tool on binance since the former has no fees?

  15. do rewards go spot wallet automatically? cause i want to rewards go into flexible savings in every night

  16. you missed the most important thing, what about the earninigs/yields?

  17. When the coin pumps then you have less of that coin and more of the stable coin pair. However if you had held the coin you would have been far better off. Is it more of a long term play to benefit from it?

  18. I Put up 1100000 shib 3 months ago on a shib usdt pool but now its only 200000 shib how did that happen please help.

  19. How to stop it? I thought I am staking. And now not sure how to to stop the liquid swap.

  20. I did it with shib/usdt but I don't have usdt. How come it went ahead with the transaction?

  21. I did it with shib/usdt but I don't have usdt. How come it went ahead with the transaction?

  22. Can you lose more then what you allocate to the pool or only what you contribute?

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