Binance Leveraged Tokens Tutorial – Binance Leveraged Trading

Binance leveraged tokens tutorial. What are Binance leveraged tokens? Binance leveraged tokens allow you to trade up and down moves in cryptocurrency prices with anywhere from 1.25x – 5x leverage.

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0:00 Intro
0:46 What are Binance Leveraged Tokens?
3:32 Supported tokens
4:02 Up and down tokens
6:01 How to trade leveraged tokens
8:41 Should you invest?

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  1. I would like to ask if i buy this token did my all tokens will be gone or not same in futures?

  2. This is not a token right? lets say i buy a DOWN token for 0.000001 cents and if it goes down i lose all my capital right? its not like the token itself has it own value? I dont understand

  3. Can we withdraw them I mean cash out once we sold it, just like the one on spot?

  4. whats the difference between buying the token and subscribing to the fund?

  5. Anyone able to explain? Why every short (down) token going down in value in longterm chart?
    Why it has 1/10 of the price in last 3 months, if crypto going down?

    So, you always loose money on longterm?

  6. Its a decent explanation but lacks a practical walk-through with a buy and sell example

  7. hello thks for your video, is there any risk of liquidation due to margin call?

  8. Hello Guys, can anyone explain please how The tokens works ? I bought a few weeks ago downtoken for 100 $ and hold it, I thougt I can loose 100 $ I'm worry now I can be bankrupt soon, redeem button is showing big number, dont know what should I do. Can this debt me ? How to close it ?

  9. is there any validity for those contracts i mean if i can hold it for long term ?????

  10. Removed from the sushidown exchange, scammers

  11. One thing i didnt understand…
    Does the multiplier kéep its value after u purchase it (each person would have a different multiplier) or does the multiplier keep changing after the buy? Because if it does i see a big risk in it…
    For example: if i buy btcup at 2x, btc is at 50000 and btcup costs 100
    If btc goes up to 60000 but the multiplier changes to 1.5x wouldnt btcup be 90? Or is there something im missing here?
    Thanks in advance bro love your videos

  12. so if the up token goes down by 2% that mean i will make gain of 8%? if levrage is 2x

  13. This etf's are for degenerates xdxd i will buy some of course

  14. Ex. If I bought a 100 from "Xrp Up" and goes to Zero and wait until price of "Xrp Up" goes up to 1$ …do I get 100$ for my 100 coins that I bought earlier or I lost everything?!
    I know there is a daily fee about 0.01% but that is to small to effect.

    Please I want a clear answer on my question.

  15. I wonder how many people got rekt the last few months 😂

  16. How do you withdraw leverage tokens from one trading platform to another so I can arbitrage?

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