BEST ALTCOINS – Ziliqa and Reef token will make millionaires

These altcoins have insane upside potential – in today’s video we’ll discuss why!


ziliqa and reef token have huge upside potential in todays ziliqa update and reef update we see why both ziliqa and reef token have the fundamentals to capture a huge piece of the cryptocurrency pie.

I will give you my short term predictions for both ziliqa and reef and my long term price predictions for ziliqa and reef token. Sharing crypto news and crypto chart analysis.

Bitcoin and ethereum have been very dominant recently but with altcoins looking to take back the dominance from bitcoin there is some insane money to be made. People will become millionaires from cryptocurrency this year. will you be a crypto millionaire?

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  1. Snatcoin is a good one to look at. It is only 1 satoshi currently and it was created to be a transferrable virtual currency within games. Some games already use Snatcoin as their currency. It is tradeable on exchange.

  2. I watch the last days around and everywhere in youtube talks about reef !! Well here is something to consider . When you listen about something going viral is usually to late! And think about it for a second .. all those who are talking about it and spread the news,have some really huge bags field already that they need someone to empty them. Then Most of the crypto people are not here about the technology or about the long term gains but instead they are for the quick money .so when the price will go few Xs the huge bags will get empty immediately… And a token with 20 billion max supply needs a really huge market cap to see a big number on price . But many people don't understand that either. Reef it's a good project but it needs time to work and prove itself , and time for the hype to go away . Good projects like Cardano and others, have go from 1 dollar to few cents during the last years and back up again .. don't think you are gonna miss out ! Opportunity is to buy during correction not during the hype , and at the moment is all hype around about reef ( and that's a reason why price goes up) ..
    BTW some project that nobody talks anymore on youtube with low market cap and low is Tael(wabi).. went all the way from 6 dollars from 2018 to few cents .. now it's trading at 0.22. That' is sound like an opportunity .A Working product with problem to solve and not hype yet 😉

  3. It gets so boring repetitive reading people’s predictions and coin theory’s. Everyone is a Fukn psychic. Gets so ridiculous . It’s like preschool kids at a playground who’s got better toys

  4. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. the market cap is 479 million. there are 3 billion coins on ERC and 6 billion on binance. the total coin circulation is 10+ billion. its a mid market cap coin not small.

  6. Mrs Maria Jones is legit and her method works like a magic I keep earning every single week with her new strategy

  7. Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  8. I love the opportunity Mrs.ChangChang has led me to in the future of Investing with her😁,my coins get higher weekly with 12%

  9. In binance reef pair is only as a 3x. Is that leverage coin? UK based

  10. being a zil holder i hate to see the zil community bashing other coins, like xrp-army. And lately, they’re spreading fud against other coins, calling elrond and btc a scam! plz stop it, it only put good investors away! And now this guy from a investment company in singapore claims btc is under investagtion! this is too much! have you ever heard Charles haskinson tell bad things about other coins?

  11. I hold a ton of Zil. At $1 I’m happy. At $4 I might be retiring

  12. When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was not interested because my mindset was what changes will it bring to the world but when I began to carry out some deep research of what it’s all about i was more than interested because the opportunities it presents is very wide and can equally make someone wealthy. I read several posts and equally got to know about trad’ing and some exchanges that I can equally get this done. I started to buy some bitcoin early 2018 because the market out in December 2017 was more than enough for me to have a belief that yes cryptocurrency is here to stay. I decided to carry out some trad’ing without proper knowledge on how to trade or what trad’ing was all about and I also lack proper knowledge of how the market trends go because I was thinking that there will always be an upwards trend in the market. I invested in some coins that eventually ran out of the market in 2018 it didn’t work out the way I thought it will be , I was so sad I wanted to give up on bitcoin I stop trading for some months because of the fear of loss, I came across a YouTube video early 2020 where I saw some individual showering praise on this trader Kristina matisic , so I contacted her…. her trad’ing signal’s are really accurate unlike any signal’s I ever have seen , she asked me few questions at first making sure if I was making profit not losing, I put confident on her I bet you her signals are unlike others, she helped me generate my 1BTC into 5BTC in on week and 2days I was so happy because I was Tired of constant losing of my coins here is her contact information Watap : ➕1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣5️⃣2️⃣2️⃣7️⃣4️⃣4️⃣3️⃣9️⃣
    for insights

  13. Pisses me off US customers have such a hard time buying some of these altcoins.

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