Bad OPSEC – How The Feds Traced a Monero User

In this video I discuss how the hacker responsible for the Vastaamo data breach incident was caught due to numerous OPSEC mistakes and not really any flaws with the Monero protocol.

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30 gedachten over “Bad OPSEC – How The Feds Traced a Monero User”

  1. 7 ate 9 after dollar
    hyperinflation tell
    everyone to grow

  2. The butchered pronounciation oh my god
    Nt though im finnish so no hate 😀

  3. Deoxyribonucleic acid is DNA
    Biden & Clinton know it well.

  4. “There’s a 50% chance that Finland isn’t even real.” -Mental Outlaw, 2024.

  5. Finland is a unitary state, we do not have ”feds” 🤓

  6. This one hit close due to some of my parents friends and some of my own friends were using Vastaamo at the time…. He just made few too many rookie mistakes… Can't still believe that he was part of Lizard sqaud… Way too many mistakes to make if they had eny standards

  7. The user error epidemic strikes again. Why won't somebody just do something? Think of the children!

  8. I mean, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for Finnish feds to get access to quantum computing if they really needed it, the company IQM is based in Finland. They focus in building hardware, but they've got two computers of their own!

  9. Yeah, cool. This has 0% anything to do with Monero.

  10. Looks like he did everything he had at hand to turn himself in to the authorities, if that was his goal then we can call this a success story.

  11. What is the eve Alice eve thing you mentioned. I have no idea what you're referencing and search engines are worthless to find it, just buried by stuff about some actress I guess

  12. How tf do you accidentally upload your entire home folder…? Especially as a "1337 h4x0r" 🤨 seems like he wanted to get caught!

  13. How do you upload 11GB without noticing something strange?
    Kids these days … I remember needing to partition my first multigig HDD because windows95/98 still used some jank version of FAT that maxed around 2GB volumes. And getting as many files at practical (yes multiple) into 1.44MB floppies.
    Still had a few 5.25 around but more as leftovers on the shelf, though we had a few whole games on single 360KB 5.25".

  14. The perils of not knowing how to use the zip command.

  15. I think this mistake falls more into the territory of a dumb fuckup than bad OPSEC

  16. If you like bad opsec, you're gonna love what just happened in France.

  17. What are you scared of? You're not a criminal, you've got nothing to hide.

  18. Finnish language has got to narrow it down to about 35 people + a particularly well read reindeer.

  19. Smart enough to be successful in crime, but not smart enough to avoid being caught. Knowing what I know, you don't have to be all that smart to commit crime and be successful in doing it. Security is lax in so many areas. However, once you do something like that and get the attention of people with power money and time, it's not so easy to keep your butt covered.

  20. Numerous un skippable midroll ads is the real bad opsec

  21. The owner getting in trouble is so fucking dumb.

    It's a hacker, it's a criminal, they are going out of their way to break into these databases to harm people.

    There is only so much you can do in terms of defense against cyber crime. Fucking Google breaches happen all the fucking time and no one here's about it or cares about it, especially when it's data that is just as sensitive or more damaging.

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