Axie Infinity Update could SAVE THE GAME! (POSSIBLE 50x GAIN!)

Welcome back to NFT Alpha! Your #1 source for NFT news. In today’s video Taco talks about new NFT music dropped by Mastercard Web3 Accelerator, Axie Infinity NFT game, and OpenSea’s new ‘Deal’ feature.

0:27 NFT Music
2:42 Axie Infinity games
5:53 OpenSea’s new feature


Mastercard AI Music:

Axie Infinity Article:

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OpenSea Deals- Article:

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4 gedachten over “Axie Infinity Update could SAVE THE GAME! (POSSIBLE 50x GAIN!)”

  1. I got an NFT airdrop from axie on my trust wallet. How Do I stake it?

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