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These are what I consider to be the best floor Axies of the most popular classes. Thanks for watching, please let me know what Axie content you’d like to see in the future, as well as what your top picks for buying might look like!

0:00 – Intro
1:42 – Floor Axies (what not to do)
3:30 – Best Floor Plant + Earning SLP
6:12 – Don’t Get Ripped Off (how to search for abilities)
7:49 – Best Floor Reptile
9:20 – Best Floor Bird
10:38 – Best Floor Beast
11:57 – Best Floor Aqua
12:42 – Creating My Team (if I had to choose)
14:09 – Putting it to the Test (arena game)
18:59 – Closing


  1. Норм проект, внушает доверие!

  2. Any tips on getting a scholarship? I don't really want to invest $300+ just to try the game, but I was previously ranked highly in Hearthstone and enjoy games like this

  3. i bought these axies and couldnt be more disappointed feels like such a waste 6 pureness is a terrible idea

  4. So I have 3 Axie and currently on IOS and macOS and the test flight is “full” or “beta full” is there a reason for this? If so is there a way around this issue? Thanks 🙏🏽 anything is appreciated.

  5. This video actually helped me understand the game so much more. Thanks so much!

  6. "Gas fees are high" lmao I wish we have those kind of gas fees now

  7. would that plant-reptile-beast team still be good this season? im thinking of starting

  8. Thanks for this video.
    I want to enroll but I can't afford the cost. Do you give free course?

  9. That's the best axie infinity guide i've ever seen, Thanks a lot brother

  10. Yeah, I am following this intersting game and waiting for IDO. Dragon War is worth to invest money in

  11. Let's research the Dragonwar. It's preparing for IDO, it's supposed to perform well

  12. ⬆️👆👆 he helped me got back my account back without stress, he’s trustworthy and reliable ⬆️👆⬆️

  13. ⬆️👆👆 he helped me got back my account back without stress, he’s trustworthy and reliable ⬆️👆⬆️

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