Axie Infinity Homeland Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know in preparation to begin your adventure in Axie Infinity Homeland.

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30 gedachten over “Axie Infinity Homeland Tutorial”

  1. Well done, Ryan!! Another great video and this one we've been waiting for ages ❤️

  2. Great! Thank you for the Tutorial. Now.. I just need a Land to play. 😅

  3. So SLP is not used anymore?
    How do you integrate your axies from your ronin wallet?

  4. So good pointer, you can double click the items in the build menu to get a description of that building before you spend the time and resources to build it.

  5. Tbh you video start seems like a ad.Axie homeland is out you are able to graft food and materjals and decorate ur land.

    For only 5k dollars and a data land

  6. When I launch the game I get error msg saying Unauthorized? Anyone have a clue on how to fix it?

  7. This looks awesome now I gotta start saving up for a land plot so I can start building my kingdom

  8. awesome vid bro! ive got 2 question when will p2e starts? also ppl without a land can be part of that?

  9. Wow – that actually looks interesting. Reminds me of some of the Age of Empires dynamics

  10. I hope slp will use to upgrade the building.slp supply is to much.

  11. Do you need land to play/log in here?
    If I log in, I got the error of "FetchRemoteConfigFailed"

  12. My situation:

    When you have a hundred axies but no land 🤣

  13. Guys how the hell the people got the lands dobt tell me they were on the market place 1000 year ago

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