11 gedachten over “Axie Infinity Homeland Season 2 is LIVE!”

  1. Can you guys shorten the season for Origins?

    1 week Rare Era
    2 weeks Epic Era
    2 weeks Mystic Era

    best of luck.

  2. Imho they should make all resources storages into one. They might be multiple buildings but it has to be 1 balance as in all other games. Moving those resources from one storage to another is just wasting time and not really qol improvment

  3. GARBAGE developers they are one of the most greedy developers. ever. wanted all the GROWTH, DELAYED all control protocol for their coins.

  4. Thanks Ryan for the tutorial, I love that you can move resources from one building to another, that was a tedious problem, I also like the new feature that you can see all your axies in a single window and not having to run that little bar at the bottom…. The adventurers thing is great too I already want to start 🥰✅

  5. Homeland is the biggest trash "game" (if you can even call it that) I ever played! It's designed to be played by bots, and I'm sure all the top ranks are just bots. No sane human being would play this crap. All you do is click stuff. Click every tree to collect wood, click every rock to collect stone, one click for each equipment you want to craft. Then wait 20 minutes and repeat. You can't just play 1 hour each day. This "game" literally needs your attention ALL DAY. The biggest quality of life feature would be a bot, which most players already have anyway.

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