30 gedachten over “AXIE INFINITY GAMEPLAY”

  1. I'm looking for an existing scholarship to start playing around

  2. Bruh this game is stupid af LMAO 😂

  3. I've made thousands of dollars on the Crypto but this is actually the first time I see the game and wow…. This game is one of the worst games I have ever seen 😂🤷‍♂️ damn

  4. The only reason people play this it's because of money. Without it this would be played by 2 year olds and top 100 people.
    Gala at least has a playable fun game

  5. Why no one make card game battle like yugioh
    If the metaverse is released i would like to play card game on motorcycle

  6. im wondering why this game blew up? is it because of the tokenomics?

  7. Wow this is it? The game everyone talks about is shallow, ugly, slow and costs thousands of dollars to play? 😅😅😅😅

  8. Radiocaca playtoearn game is more better than axie infinity

  9. Hmm, came here to see how the gameplay compares to Bezoge Earth. It does not compare.

  10. Thank you for such useful information. DeFi Warrior did release mobile version. I am trying trial mode for free. Could you review the main mode of it?

  11. How this game reached 16 billion market cap is beyond me. People need to look out for a game called Cornucpias. That will melt faces.

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