Axie Infinity and The 2023 Web3 BULL RUN for Crypto Gaming 🎮

At Token 2049 expo in Singapore we talk with Aleks Larsen of Axie Infinity about all things cryptocurrency, gaming, ETH, NFTs and the metaverse.

Aleks Larsen
Co-Founder/COO Axie Inifinity & Sky Mavis

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0:00 Intro to Aleks and Crypto Gaming
0:31 Why Singapore?
1:15 Current Problems in Crypto, DeFi and NFTs
2:00 Axie Inifity and Axie Origins
3:29 Ronin Network and Scaling Solutions
3:53 Arbitrum and Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade
5:27 Best New Games
6:16 Metaverse
7:14 NFT Art and CCO
8:08 Advice for Noobs
8:40 Predictions for Crypto, DeFi and Blockchain Gaming


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