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laatste update: 05-2022

“Available” from the album Graves Into Gardens by Elevation Worship.

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Narrow as the road may seem
I’ll follow where Your spirit leads
Broken as my life may be
I will give You every piece

I hear You call
I am available
I say yes Lord
I am available

Here I am with open hands
Counting on Your grace again
Less of me and more of You
I just wanna see You move

I hear You call
I am available
I say yes Lord
I am available

Here I am, here I am
You can have it all
You can have it all
Here I am, here I am
You can have it all
You can have it all

For the one who gave me life
Nothing is a sacrifice
Use me how You want to God
Have Your throne within my heart

Written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Jason Ingram, Matt Redman, Ben Fielding
©2020 Music by Elevation Worship Publishing, So Essential Tunes/Fellow Ships Music, Integrity Worship Music/Said And Done Music, SHOUT! Music Publishing Australia
CCLI #: 7129065

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30 gedachten over “Available | Live | Elevation Worship”

  1. Dear father, touch Sharon…Chris… Reveal yourseLF to her oh sweet Jesus! Heal her heart! I trust you oh lord…

  2. I am told that I am unworthy, unloved, not enough for anything or anyone and I believe them, I believe that voice. Bound by my past, limited and unusable. Always a secondhand thought… Hearing this song, God is calling me. He is calling me to be my best self because He has a mission for me. He has a purpose in my life and if I have purpose, specifically chosen by Christ, then what they say is untrue. I am loved, chosen, not an afterthought, not second handedly blessed but directly blessed by God himself. I am good enough to be used by God, good enough to be anyone's friend, be in anyone's life. I am desired, chased after by Jesus Christ. For the one who gave me life, nothing is a sacrifice, Use me how You want to, God. Have Your throne within my heart.

  3. The Lord has been paying much attention to his Beautiful Youth that is him in his heart for the Father, The Lord has made himself available to you to bring in the greatest revival the world has never seen before- His love, you his loving and most respectful and honoring, shall receive his praise onto his Father that you his kids, shall deserve a- WELL DONE MY GOOD & FAITHFUL CHILDREN- God Loves you- Wink- The future changes when good parenting comes to God's good Children and those children grow up to be Godly Parents… ABBA- FATHER…

  4. Here I am, you can have it all Lord!!!! Do what you want in your people's life for we are available to your will. 🙌🙌🙌

  5. This was one of the songs God worked through for me o change my life around drastically. Thank You Jesus. Your music is powerful through the Grace of God. He is the most high. Amen congrats. Love you guys.

  6. After I would shoot up my meth I would listen to this all sad. Feeling bad. But thank God for creating a new me. I’m a new creation. Since Nov. 2021. Been clean and no smoking same time. When I gave myself to God and I confessed everything and surrendered. Ty Jesus. You can have it all. Here I am.

  7. God is NOT popular. This is run by the devil.
    This doesnt align with the bible.
    The world hates God so his worship is NOT widely accepted. Yall better wake up and soon. Its beautiful but so is the devil and his musical gift. He's infiltrated and corrupted gospel

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