#AskGaryVee Episode 44: The Thank You Economy & Snapchat Payments

#QOTD: What’s the last app you downloaded?

0:00 Intro
01:19 – Airbnb goes into print, they are making a magazine called Pineapple
02:31 – Do you still the Thank You Economy will self destruct in 2015? Are brands living up to your prediction/TYE expectations?
04:03 – In the future how are you going to treat social media with your children?
07:10 – Everybody asks what do you think of Snapcash?




The humanization of business. Manners of Marketing. Thank You Economy. They’re all same. Now that the Internet has allowed consumers to have more control, businesses are expected to behave differently and interact with their communities in a way that humanizes their messaging. Unfortunately however, brands haven’t fully embraced the mindset that I thought would have been exhausted by now.

My prediction with the Thank You Economy was that by 2015 everybody would be on board. Unfortunately, that is not the case. People just haven’t adopted it at scale and therefore how can it really be over? Nobody’s ruined it. This might actually take forever or never happen at all although I know that those practicing it are getting real results. I see those emails every day.

And so, my prediction was incredibly off. It just may never happen at scale because companies can be heartless. Heck, even I’m heartless when it comes to money. I know that business is all about the wallet and I get that, but there’s a real financial benefit with TYE mentality. I see the dividends with it each and every day. People are STILL flabbergasted when a company reaches out to them with a half-assed approach, and so I know that the potential is still there, but I’m utterly confused as to how it hasn’t been fully adopted yet. It’s 2015, people!

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  1. The last app I downloaded was an app to be able to send gifs through my android phone. They are more fun than emojis because they are more rare and great responses to messages!

  2. We will see the Thank You Economy begin to take a hold in about 10 years, when Babyboomers will be most entirely retired. The TYE is a product of Genx thinking (people born between 1960 and 1980), but the previous generation is so powerful and rich that they control vast portions of everything even to this day. The challenge is that there's such a huge difference of thinking, lifestyle, opportunity and world view between BB generation and Genx. Also, trying to change the mind (or the way of doing business) of a person who has mostly seen one way of doing things is extremely difficult. BBs have never really had to change much in the professional behavior; for example, the internet arrived while most of them were past mid career, while genxers have only known change. We will see a big difference in 20-25 years, when all high level management positions will be occupied by Genxers and Millenials.

  3. Another quality video @***** 
    Content content and more content.  Thanks!

    Ha- just checked out my last app that I downloaded, and it's called Hinge.  Basically a dating site (built much like tinder) except your potential matches are based off of mutual friends on Facebook.

  4. Last app downloaded was a app called Fyuse Beta,  And with that being said.  Is this an app that you are familiar with?  Seems to be a type of Instagram.

  5. TWITTER!!!!! Just because of you man.@TySarich 
    You're my first tweet, first follow, can't wait to get interactive.

  6. Last app; Strava the real app to do some cycling or running

  7. Hey Gary, yeah pretty chilled, laid-back kind of show. Great conversation regarding raising your kids and the potential for lower self-esteem as we progress into the digital world. That's a good reminder when I become a future father to really instill the ground work. Most recent app was twitter.

  8. As long as they have a strong internal locus of control, what happens around them won't be as much of a factor on their behavior

  9. QOTD: No app, no download, no iPhone, no doubt I'm on an end of the bell-curve.

  10. Gary! No comments for a year on this episode? Woah. This was Golden! What is your opinion of where you think we are now with what you predicted in "The Thank You Economy"?

  11. QOTD: I downloaded Confide, the snapchat of text messages. I also forced my gf to download it too ;D

  12. Last app I downloaded was twitter. Decided to give it a shot to try and expand my effort to provide value for people.

  13. De hecho desinstalé varias aplicaciones, porque mi celular no soporta muchas aplicaciones, pero realmente quiero re instalar facebook, instalar twitter, snapchat y musical.ly ya que tengo un par de ideas interesantes en cuanto a musical.ly. Usualmente contesto en inglés pero me cansé de quedarme corto y realmente no saber qué demonios estoy escribiendo, al menos no al 100%

  14. The Reddit is fun app. Using this app (reddit in general) could be the quickest way to find out if I know my shit or if i'm full shit in regards to any subject matter.

  15. Last app? Snapchat… and my daughter FREAKED out!! ;p Thanks Gary!!

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