Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood: The U.S. economy has entered a recession

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Yahoo Finance’s Alexandra Semenova discusses ARK Invest founder Cathie Wood’s view of the U.S. economy and indications there is a slowdown.
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30 gedachten over “Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood: The U.S. economy has entered a recession”

  1. Stop pushing off the recession because of the primary’s… we are not stupid!

  2. The economy is in a recession when a President announces it. That has always been the standard, don't try to change history. Look it up yourself

  3. There is no recession going on only the people in the stock market world that is with corruption is involved in the recession the rest will flourish!!!

  4. Was it not Yahoo that was accused of trying to change the definition of recession. Please !

  5. Recession been here but they are covering it up as much as they can because it’s an election year..

  6. Cathie has obvious reason to beat the recession drum, because the sooner everyone is convinced we're in a recession the sooner central banks will take their foot off the brake and help high growth/speculative valuations with lower interest rates and looser monetary policy

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  8. She also said not long ago that the US economy was really, really good.

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  10. i'm glad I got into crypto and forex investment when I did because it’s been a turning point for me financially,been my best decision so far.

  11. She is transitioning to onlyfans because trading is too good for her.

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