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  1. Wow, thanks for continuing to update us 👍 I have to say to educated. Just off your YouTube video alone, I was up to $26,700 last week and will be closing this week up $46,500… I really appreciate you 🙏

  2. I appreciate the time and effort you put into responding to comments, thank you.

  3. We should have a 'Bitcoin Debate' to discuss how Bitcoin is Anti-American and enemy of the state, if adoption is wide. Ten topic/questions that will crush Bitcoin as currency, that no one wants to answer. I listen to your show weekly and enjoy your insights in Macro with exception of believing in "Bitcoin as a Currency and holder of Wealth". Let's face it, over $2 Trillion dollars were infused/gambled after the pandemic in the fall from taxpayer's stimulus checks to primarily Bitcoin, now the Fed's tightening and recession will drain it out over 2024. Blackrock will gain control of Bitcoin as miners get crushed by a failing business model, high capital cost, rising electric cost, and the April Halving. My guess is that through a combination of an unworkable electric cost/halving of rewards/security attacks/Blackrock M&A/changing of rules, the SEC with Blackrock's help will target the Bitcoin block chain architecture and business model and control it's adoption in the US.

  4. Thank you Cathy. I for one appreciate your easy to understand explanation. All of us are not financially savvy.

  5. Again I don’t mean to break anyone’s heart but ARKK share value doesn’t look good because majority of investors consider ARKs style of buying companies absolute bull-SH. … .

  6. This is not about flight to safety. The rates are going up because the split in the world economies is getting more intense and faster than expected.
    The rates are going up also as well because the fed is trying to attract other nations not to flee the dollar. The sad part is….. nobody trust a dollar anymore after the 2009 crisis.
    The bankers have destroyed the dollar.

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