ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood: Most car sales will be electric in five years

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30 gedachten over “ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood: Most car sales will be electric in five years”

  1. I was also a genius when I was buying Tesla years ago… didn’t last long

  2. Why does this con woman get air time?! QQQ 182% return in 5 years with low expense ratio. Shart K 27% 😂😂😂 with high fees!!!! Highway robbery! Stop this woman!

  3. Electric CARS is a scam its all a scam like the weather scam

  4. She again buy TSLA before earnings…. What she is doing there?

  5. only here b/c Yahoo Finance pushes Ms. Wood and her Telsa recommendations repeatedly……very interesting when her funds performance is exactly at ZERO growth in the past five years.

  6. If she were a man, they would chew him up and spit him out.

  7. Hybrids are the future, not Teslas, and robo- taxi thats a legal ballgame… I wouldn't bet my money on it. EV's are just a fad nothing more. Not practical for the average person

  8. Sold all my ARKK don't believe the electric hype, they can't hold a charge in extreme climates, maybe a good second car to run around in if you can afford a toy car/golf cart. Still love ya Cathie, but I sold sold sold out of ARKK.

  9. I hope she’s right. Maybe gas and diesel will get cheaper for me.

  10. Tesla cars were not starting in 2024 cold weather leaving drivers stranded, big concern.

  11. It is really hard to be both an analyst and a salesman.

  12. When I get lost in the stock market, I will watch Woods interview which really opens my eyes. Around X'mas she reloaded the Tesla boat then I cut my 90% long position, see what is the Tesla price NOW! Keep provide us real money lessons, great work!

  13. it's only going downhill with tesla, people are tired of promises from Elon.

  14. Why is Cathie Wood talking about investing? I thought you need to have good results to be able to teach others 🤔

  15. Everything looks better in 5 years, you could argue. It’s also gotta be looking comfortable to get there too. If you’re 95, in failing health and stuck in bed all day, 5 years means you’re dead. If you’re young and 25, fit as a fiddle, lookin’ to get rich quick, 5 years don’t work either. Ok, u ain’t gonna get rich quick! Darn it! But at least u wanna see an elevator going up along the way while u wait 5 years. Not an empty hole, quicksand or a bear trap.

  16. Wood doesn’t know what she is doing. Come on! Most of her stocks are down big time 😮😅

  17. I'm a follower of Wood. But, five years to "most cars", no. Maybe most rickshaws.

  18. Go in the opposite direction , her timing and predictions are always wrong

  19. did you guys see all the dead Teslas in 20 degree temps in chicago and the midwest? i just dont;t see it happening in cold weather states

  20. Hertz is dumping it'e electric vehicles because of lack of customer popularity.
    In addition, a year ago, the Biden Administration had announced it would be building thousand of charging stations for EVs; my understanding, as of last month, not one new charging station had been built using this money.
    If you look at Tesla as an AI company, then you are taking a calculated risk. If you look it as a car company, it has a lot of problems that it cannot control itself.

  21. Still with Tesla stock, investors can never be sure what will happen next, bearish periods ultimately establish a new set of stocks to buy and watch while setting the stage for a robust new uptrend. I have been reading articles of people that grossed profits up to $250k during this crash, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist?

  22. These comments are a riot. EVs are less practical? Hybrid is the future? EVs aren't worth it because of challenges in cold weather? What is this, 2014 again?

    Keep buying gas guzzlers and paying $5,000/year in fuel then. I'll stick with my EVs and pay zero for transportation (thanks to solar) and use the money to go to Hawaii every year. Oh and maintenance is near zero and there are no repairs in the years I've had an EV (since 2018). If you are a road tripper keep a gas guzzler for the few times per year you drive out of state. 90% of miles driven are in a 50 mile radius, no need for public charging.

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