“Are You MENTALLY ILL?” – Max Keiser Bitcoin Crash

“Are You MENTALLY ILL?” – Max Keiser Bitcoin Crash

In this video, Max Keiser speaks about the Bitcoin (BTC) World. He Speaks about shit coins from the crypto space and how people love to get rugged.
He says that shitcoins are related to mentally ill people.

One of the most prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry, Max Keiser, the host of the Keiser Report, shares his most recent thoughts on bitcoin and what transpired at Bitcoin 2022.
Bitcoin concluded the year at $29,000 per coin, making Keiser’s prediction the most accurate among crypto experts. In 2018, Keiser predicted that bitcoin would end 2020 around $28,000 per coin.

It’s crucial to understand when to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum in the market (ETH).
According to Max, Bitcoin will only increase from $38.000 to $40.000 until it reaches $250.000 in 2022!
That is the most recent Bitcoin price projection from Max Keiser for 2022.



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  1. I just figured out yesterday that most rich crypto holders invest with professional crypto traders to learn new strategies and earn huge amount of money. How true is this ?

  2. What if Bitcoin is actually the shit coin? Slow,expensive polluting and outdated. You sound like my dad talking about social media.

  3. i need your help Max, i am in David Panama and i want to move to El Zonte and join forces with you and stacy some how. i am a chef retired but ready to work againand i am a musician and teacher of Spiritual Knowledge and music. my BTC got confiscated by Blockfi so i now have only a SScheck from USA for 1299 a month to live on. please plaxce me in your vicinity; i have cooked for Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford …………………..kingarthur

  4. And contriary oppinions get deleted…. so much for an informed conversation..
    Bitcoin is outdated bull crap

  5. I appreciate your opinions I have followed you for the longest, I disagree with the opinions regarding HEX Pulsechain and PulseX, 🙏

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