THE END OF 2022 BUT THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING BETTER!?? The BEAR MARKET has changed everything for crypto in 2022. Gemini need a response from DCG ASAP!! JIM CRAMER has no idea what he is talking about.

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I am NOT a Financial Advisor. This is NOT Financial Advice. This video is For Entertainment Purposes ONLY.
My Rules: 1) Do your own research. 2) Buy what you can afford losing. 3)Diversify your Money. Thanks For Watching!

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30 gedachten over “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!”

  1. The guy is an absolute clown…who cares what he says? He talks about having gone to college yet he speaks like an…IDIOT!

  2. Oscar, I've learned over a decade of stock investing that it's best to listen to what Cramer says and then do the opposite. His correct prediction rate isn't even 50%
    Remember when he cried on TV after his Meta prediction was an abject failure? That clown needs to retire

  3. Sounds like someone lost a ton of money and they’re butt hurt 😂

  4. 1:53 "It was a fight to get the money out" – he's not wrong. Let's be honest, we've all been there. He's just venting steam.

  5. The rise of the average Joe becoming rich and powerful scares this man.. He is scared of the CroFam 🤣

  6. Who's Kramer think he is to tell me what to do with my money?

  7. I definitely would not be buying litecoin or sol…
    So ya those people are idiots lol.
    Then again… anything Jimmy says usually does the opposite.

  8. Cramer is a government shilll. FTX was a government psyop to get the majority of peeps to only trust USDC.
    Also FYX donations millions to statues qua political campaigns sounds like printing fiat money laundering.

  9. Every single time Cramer tells you to do something you should do the opposite. He is always wrong and an idiot.

  10. Never liked SBF when I first saw a pic of him a couple of years ago and I don’t like this skinny creepy guy. Stood away from FTX and ETH. My gut instinct has never failed me over 50 years! I’m all in with Chris and CRO

  11. Yeah, he said 'they' shouldn't own them. They being the regular people. He doesn't want 'they' having a step up and potentially being able to get out of their poverty bracket. Can't control someone who is financially stable.

  12. Ben Goertzel is one of the smartest and intelligent Person in the World from Singularity Net. So WHO the Fuck is Jim Cramer 🤔

  13. Oscar my man, do you think it's possible that CRO will go back to 1 dollar in the next bullrun?

  14. Great video and some excellent tips! These are scary times for new investors but the best thing you can do is not to make decisions based on emotions. This could actually be a good time to buy more of your high conviction stocks or crypto on a discount. Wealth is created during bear markets, not bull markets. If your portfolio is really effecting your mental health then delete the app and go for a walk. Let the market do its thing and have a long time horizon. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 16` btc from trading with Barton William in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.

  15. "Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time." __George Bernard Shaw

  16. Thanks to him SOL 25% up😁
    Look like everyone want to be an idiot 🤑🤑

  17. he has he's money on JP morgan, the same JP Morgan that is now heavy invested in crypto. You guys in america have a funny society , if you even look funny at someone in the streets , you can get killed , but on TV you can say everything with no consequences.

  18. Jim Cramer was just throwing a bitch fit he's always wrong anyways every single time I've gone against what he says I've made good money don't listen to him he's the idiot for so early to these projects it's ridiculous

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