Apollo Astronaut Breaks In Tears: “The Moon Is NOT What You Think!”

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30 gedachten over “Apollo Astronaut Breaks In Tears: “The Moon Is NOT What You Think!””

  1. There was no Moon buggy (Lunar Roving Vehicle) on Apollo 11 – those shots of buggies obviously are from later missions, either 15, 16 or 17.

  2. The moon is simply another human support cell and aliens are simply the anticancer cells that keep all cells in check. They make sure we dont become cancerous.

  3. Wind was sure blowing hard that day,😂😂.. That flag waved 🎉

  4. Just another batch of lies sewed up into a lot of propaganda to still try and make the public believe that all those missions really went to the moon when we didn't have the capability to do so, nor did the Russians, but we kept up the facade in order seem ahead of them. All any of us were capable of doing was circling the Earth, the rest was a production done right here on Earth and has all been proved. No one has yet gotten anything organic and live past the Van Allen radiation belt – not able to shield the crew enough to prevent being fried. Barely able to keep the probes we've sent out to different planets from frying.

    Our travels into space were governed by a much different type of tech but you'd have to speak to the Germans about all that.

  5. He buried the lead so far we never even see it. If your a real ufologist this BS should bother you. As there is no way the narrator does not know that he clarified exactly what he thought the "ufo" was if he actually researched the comment. And the far side of the moon is very much bin mapped and photographed many times. Unless they are made of dust or we infected it ourselves there is no know life or trace of past life beyond well recorded missions manned an unmanned. Discredits real research by muddying the water. Psy ops type behavior.

  6. Sad how science has such an impact of our thinking. We long to find life and the meaning of life in places we have no business to in . Look to the real explanation of life. It's the only one that makes sense. After all this time and technology, we haven't found anything? No my friends the only true meaning of life is found in the Bible…

  7. The debris floating in the cosmos it horrendous. They are interested in mining these planets for financial gain allegedly.

  8. 😄🤣bro Buzz admitted they never went to the moon. You may want to revise this,,lol

  9. UFOs are a deception. They change the way they look in the 1950s, 1980s, 2000s, according to what our minds will accept. Aliens are demons, out to deceive the human race, as their time is short, and they will drag as many to hell as possible. Be not deceived.

  10. I am dying to know what our current president would say over the phone here in 2023. "Uh choclate swirl icecream wafer cone" hangs up

  11. Y’all ever think like, what if there are humans in who live close by to us but are far more advance, the universe really expands someone’s imagination about other celestial beings. We might not be the only ones questioning what’s out there. There are just others who’s exceeded ahead of us in this universe.

  12. It truly is miraculous the number of events that had to occur simultaneously, and in sequence, and over time to create life as we know it on Earth. It is not unfathomable that we are unique in the universe.

  13. Lots of secrets have been released on the www aka the internet…aliens…child trafficking/sex slavery in our rich groups…and others…murders…its bad…Roman like…gross…some say the moon is hollow…who knows what's true or not…ugh

  14. The word is…its not a moon…its hollow n occupied…its the ships weve been spotting…they have obviously madtered pressure m gravity control…we prob look like apes to them…lol ijs

  15. Look, in those days we had no way to build anything capable to shield from the solar radiations (Van Allen Belts). Read about them to understand where I'm going with this – we still can't shield from them when in outer space, there's no man made material that can do that. Furthermore, if we really reached the moon then why we didn't establish a base there at some point? Instead, we set up the ISS, miles away from it. I don't believe we reached it ever and think that it was all staged to outplay the Russians who had sent Sputnik out there. A game of power and prestige where reaching the moon gave the USA status of 1st power in the world.
    Last – Earth is to the universe as big as the tip of a needle, not even. Do you really believe that in such vastity we are the only form of intelligence? It's impossible.

  16. JESUS IS LORD and created the entire universe just as Genesis describes it. Since people have no biblical worldview, they will believe the alien abduction story when the rapture happens and born again Christians disappear. We have been warning people for years. Read Mathew and Revelation quickly and get saved by the blood of Jesus Christ so you won't be left behind. God bless.

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