Andy Reid seems FED UP with Chris Jones! 😬 Buechele CHOSE the Bills and more! | Red Friday Q&A

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30 gedachten over “Andy Reid seems FED UP with Chris Jones! 😬 Buechele CHOSE the Bills and more! | Red Friday Q&A”

  1. Losing shane is awful they could cut Gabbert nobody would’ve touched him

  2. In an interview after the practice today Andy said "Let's throw our problems out the door and focus on what's real… the guys that are here." I don't think Andy wants him back at this point. The Chiefs need to sue Jones for nonperformance of contract. Leave the SOB in the poor house for what he has done to his team. For refusing to honor his contract in a year the Chiefs have a good chance to repeat is extortion, the NFL should also ban Jones from any future contracts in the league. Ban him for life, sue him for nonperformance and let him sack groceries at Price Chopper.

  3. I don't know what CJ is wanting or what the Chiefs are offering. If he doesn't take it what the Chiefs are offering? His career is over for $. What happened to Leveon Bell. He signed a 1 year deal and didn't play!

  4. Who the hell cares about how much he makes outside of his salary. He is making somewhere around 26-28 mill! I'm tired of people making millions when I'm averaging 117hrs in a 2 week pay period and might make 70k!

  5. The Rams signed Donald when he was at his top play! It wasn't a out lier. Donald just stepped off earlier than later.

  6. I think he felt like he earned the qb2 spot. Probably was hurt not getting it. Can't blame him for moving on.

  7. 5:07 we all get he wants paid.. but he is paid… a lot… lol… he got greedy… he obviously doesn’t wanna be on a dynasty team that WILL win more superbowls! He cares more about a check then making history… which is LAME to see as a chiefs fan! I can’t relate to crying and protesting over 10s of millions of dollars but I work for my family sawmill here in southeast Missouri.. I make good money (Pennies compared to Jones) but my family and I are living nice life’s. ONLY way I can relate to this 🤡 is if I DEMANDED MORE money from my dad (my boss) then stopped showing up to work 😂then threatened to go work with one of our competitor companies if I didn’t get my way!! Fuckin lame 🥹 I could never do that to my family..

  8. Honestly, he’s 29. Let him play out this year, franchise tag him, then at 31, give him a non exclusive tag and then just let him walk at 32. He’s not the most muscular guy, his athleticism will probably start fading at 32

  9. At this point i think Jones is getting bad advice and should probably find a new agent.

  10. Football players need to snap back to reality. They make millions playing with a ball. Work on a manufacturing line or as a surgeon and tell me you deserve that money. I get why they make it and I don't fault them for making money but they need to be grateful for the massive amount they get.

    Cant blame buechele for moving on. Gabbarts is trash and if he "won" the qb2 spot with the chiefs (especially after that Tua-ble pass to Rice) then there is no way the chiefs will ever role with Shane.

    I'm hoping we can get McCoy for QB3.

  11. Trade him and get as much as you can and move on. Get a 1st rounder and pick the best nose tackle in the draft next year.

  12. People will turn on you quick…Everybody talking smack about CJ, keep that same energy of he comes back and ball out. Keep saying you dont have respect for him…Keep saying he's selfish….He makes a play, don't get excited. Act exactly how you are now.

  13. guess you can look at this way he can now learn some things from josh allen

  14. Here’s my prediction (for what’s worth). If the Chiefs win Thursday big, the chiefs will trade Jones. If the Chiefs squeeze out a win they will probably still be shopping jones in the background and might offer a little more than whatever they are currently are but I still think he is gone. If the Chiefs loose (because of the defense). I think Jones gets signed before week 8. The chiefs won’t loose because that would set a bad precedent for players to hold out for more money when the leader of the team (Pat) is willing to take less so other “good” players can surround him. This is holdout thing is really disrespectful to Mahomes and what he is trying to do. Fall in line Chris.

  15. Thanks for your Lev Bell impersonation, CJ, but we we are kinda tired of it. ffs Get your priorities straight, brother.

  16. He sit out at least8 games if they don’t pay him 😮

  17. Jones is under contract, just play and become a free agent at the end of the year.

  18. Saw Sunday Presser. Short answer from Andy. I don't know about CJ, stop bothering me, I have an effing game to plan for!!!!😂

  19. Thursday can't come soon enough. One more press question and they might go nuts. Let's pop the cork! HBTC

  20. They have no chance to repeat without Jones. It’s sad because you only get so many chances to even get to a superbowl. Pat can only do so much. The man can’t play defense too. Sorry it’s over this season.

  21. I think the frank Clark situation has made Chris a little upset

  22. I keep trying to tell people Chris Jones is done as a Chief. None of it makes sense and it doesn't appear to actually be about money.

  23. Get what you can for Chris …don't let him drag the team down

  24. I don’t think he’s fed up with Jones as much as the questions about him constantly.
    Personally, I think he needs a new agent. KC offered him a fair deal in between the number one and number three players at his position. The difference between them is $8.5 million. If he holds out until week 8, it’ll cost him $13 million so…it’s not great math.

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