Andy Reid gives an ENCOURAGING update on Mahomes’ Ankle! And more news

Your daily Chiefs news featuring a recap of the Divisional Playoff Weekend and an update on Patrick Mahomes and his high ankle sprain!
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0:00 – Chris Lammons Waived
1:21 – Giants vs Eagles
2:04 – Cowboys vs 49ers
2:54 – Chiefs vs Jags
5:10 – Bills vs Bengals
6:57 – Mahomes in AFCCG
7:33 – Mahomes ankle update

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Lammons Court Case update

Chiefs are now home underdogs s Bengals in AFC championship Game

Coach Reid provides update on Mahomes Ankle Injury


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30 gedachten over “Andy Reid gives an ENCOURAGING update on Mahomes’ Ankle! And more news”

  1. Go ahead and call them Jag-wires again, it makes them sound shady. Fits.

  2. I’ve never wanted a chiefs win as badly as I want this one. Bengals players and fans are so damned obnoxious lately, Mahomes beating them on one leg would be the ultimate beat down…
    Bengals know the Chiefs game…so change it. Make it a run first smash mouth game with Pacheco leading the way-let the kid loose! I love the way he just runs…ANGRY lol

  3. Sup Cole? Hope you're doing well bro! Remember me? I was the dude who kept saying I live in Nashville, Tennessee, but I was gonna move to Kansas City, Missouri months before I actually did last year in 2022 lol 😂 I moved to KC in May and stayed there for 3 months from May to August last year in 2022. KC was obviously bigger than Nashville was as a city with it being in 4 counties in Missouri and WAY different and better to live in than I expected! I ended up moving back to Nashville and stayed here ever since August, back to the home of the Tennessee Titans lol 🤷😂, but I'm STILL a Kansas City Cheifs fan and I really hope the Kansas City Chiefs actually win this year's AFC championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals this time for revenge from last year in 2022 for a rematch. It'll put a smile on my face! 😉 GO CHIEFS! 🔴⚪🔥👏👍💪💯

  4. I'd be lyin if I said I wasn't nervous for this one! Whole team gonna have to step up!

  5. I totally agree with your optimistic outlook on how he'll play at the end of the video bro.. Great work

  6. Let's go chiefs let's end this Bengals winning at arrowhead. They haven't even heard arrowhead stadium at it's loudest yet let's go chiefs

  7. God damn tackles finally manage to get mahomes hurt!
    Never gonna keep him healthy with wylie and brown

  8. You ain't beating cincy with a non running for his life mahomes! He can't get away from edge pressure like he normally has too

  9. Did you see the tweet from the bengal players where one said, "We'll see you in Burrowhead"? I PRAY the Chiefs use that as bulletin board fodder this week!!! Let's Go!!

  10. Chiefs better get pressure by rushing just 4 against the Bengals otherwise we're gonna get lit up by Burrow!

  11. I'm not concerned about the ankle. I AM concerned about the Chiefs' tendency to get sloppy and/or overaggressive. An injured ankle might even help with that a bit.

  12. Hate that we have to have this rematch with mahomes not 100%. Gonna make it so much more satisfying when we win tho

  13. The Ravens ran for over 150 yards vs the Bengals. If we can unleash #10 this week I love our chances. Hopefully we learned from our mistakes

  14. Hope we get Hardman back soon. Need another threat on our offense.

  15. I remember seeing this man with his kneecap where it shouldn’t be and come back and completely dominate. He is in no way going to let this sideline his ambitions of going to the super bowl. This game is the last obstacle for that time off before the big game. I have faith in magic Mahomes.

  16. Spaggz please don't blitz too much…. O line protect MAHOMES please. Let's go Arrowhead

  17. I spontaneously bought a ticket to this game today! Travelling from western Canada this Saturday! I can’t describe how excited I am for my first time at arrowhead !!! LETS GO CHIEFS!!!!

  18. I think we win with Mahomes, it’ll look different. I think we’d win with Henne.
    That boy Joe is a winner though and he’s dangerous. We need the defense to be excellent.

  19. 2/10 mild concern. Not that MVP can't get it done, but concern that some asshole DL on Cincy will try to land on it causing further issues.

    If that happens, Arrowhead will riot. Mark my words.

  20. Trevor was seen crying over a plate of tear soaked waffles at the waffle house after his 1st Saturday loss against the chiefs! Lmfao

  21. Mahomes is a fucking Lion and he would play on two broken ankles.

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