AMP token – Will it see .05 or .07? OXT makes big moves in front of the privacy summit!

As the title says folks, is AMP Token going to see .05 or .07 first? I have an opinion, sort of why I do YouTube, opinion, and we all have them! Got to ask tho Flexa, are you ready to talk to your community yet? At all? Anything? Just to say Hi? We got your back but one can only take a one-way relationship for so long…

OXT popped off and popped off pretty well in front of the Privacy Summit on 11-15. I liked the product and used the product well before it became a ’thing’, it’s nice to profit on it as well!

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  1. I think the only reason why Flexa and the crew aren't talking is because they know their worth and there is no competition. I compare it to companies like Bugatti Lamborghini and Ferrari, when was the last time we saw a TV commercial or ad, Yet during a 30 minute sitcom I see FORD DOGE and TOYOTA and so on. However it would be nice for them to put out a statement here and there.

  2. Hey man. Love the updates on other coins. Ive bought into Poly (69 cents… NICE), FETCH.AI (70 cents), SKL (28.5 cents), over time bc of your vids and bc the market surged down I was able to get REN at 90 cents most recently. Obviously I do my research before blindly following but your takes are rational and informative unlike the majority of crypto youtubers. "Amp to $100 by the end of the year." You know what im talking about. I had accumulated alot of AMP since July (coinbase addition) and sold it at 6 cents right before the 9 cents run (which hurt since AMP would not go higher than 6 cents for months but decided this one time to but I still made a good profit.) So waiting on that to come back down to at least the 5 cents ish range. Like you I believe in AMP but with no news of any kind Im not buying in higher than that. Keep up the good work. Continued success will come to ThePodocasts.

  3. Good content. Do your research. You can easily make money in crypto. And also easily lose money…

  4. Great update! I like it short and concise. As long as your team produces videos, I'll be here.

  5. It's always interesting to hear your opinion on Amp and other tokens

  6. Nkn is great for a quick profit or just hold till it hits over a dollar

  7. Bro wtf are u even trying to say? Price was .042. Just hold, and people need to hold. Yoi never talk about exchanges reserve of amp. U only look at volume when volume is obviously moving the price. I am sorry man you are full of shit. Stop talking about amp please. U failed to mention all the recent flexa deals. Coin me and cois star, ncr and 650 banks. You are an idiot. Leavr amp alone!!!

  8. Love the diversity. I personally enjoy when you talk about your other plays especially when AMP.x is not doing much. Keep up the great work and content! 👍👌

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