AMP Token – Why add Filecoin? Because the rail is also ‘Anything Out’…

laatste update: 05-2022

AMP token. Lest we forget, Flexa is anything out as well as anything in. I have no intention of spending my utility tokens, that is not why I bought em. Shiba? I will spend Shiba. Doge? I will spend Doge. Filecoin? I won’t spend that. But, we have to remember that Flexa is not just anything in, it is also anything out, so if a merchant would like to be paid in Filecoin, they can be, now.

Wild speculation I know, but that’s sort of what we do here!

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7 gedachten over “AMP Token – Why add Filecoin? Because the rail is also ‘Anything Out’…”

  1. This is the big thing. No company wants to receive DOGE or SHIB but they would love to receive fiat, BTC, ETH, FTC etc. A company can decide what they want to add to theirs balence sheet depending on their situation. (Crypto companies will receive more crypto while brick and mortat might need more fiat on slow days and switch to btc when things are running in the green.)

    Good job getting good points out there.

  2. I don't think it's speculation at all. I think you're right on the money. Flexa has always been about the merchants. Good critical thinking sir

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