AMP Token – Usage drives the price. Here is your usage, let’s get to it!

Little bit happening on the rumor mill lately, hope you can read between the lines of this series of videos and the direction of the channel lately. This is smoke, and where there is smoke, there is usually fire, just sayin!

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13 gedachten over “AMP Token – Usage drives the price. Here is your usage, let’s get to it!”

  1. What is the best method you use for finding new projects to highlight? Mainly white paper or alternative methods?

    Love the content, keep going brother🙏🏾

  2. Happy for you guys and the channel’s continued growth. Switching from mainly AMP to talking about other tokens might be slow at first, but I think, long term, applying the pragmatic view to more tokens will yield a bigger subscriber base. Question: After this bull run, what tokens do you think should be held during the bear market? Video prepping ppl would be nice!

  3. Your Atlermail payment issue is perfect proof that defi needs AMP. Flexa and AMP have a massive oppertunity here to solve a common problem in the DEFI space, ie: payments, you sir have hit this nail on the head. One more usecase in the pot… lets see if they make the move before someone else does!
    Cheers Scott. 😉

  4. I sold all my amp, still waiting for it to come down, I think it has to come down at least 5.5.. I hope my strategy works.. What’s your opinion Scott, keeps climbing or comes back down?
    Keep Safe Big Guy.. ✊😎☕️

  5. Go where the business is currently. El Salvador was exhibit A, Defi exhibit B, retail, escrow, Panama/Ukraine/other countries, the other possible use cases are farther out and will show up in due time. Might as well start with what is available and needed. Build that snowball!

  6. would you do a video talking about polymath? i dont see any content on it thats worth a shit.

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