AMP TOKEN – Understand This

AMP TOKEN – Understand This

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Explore my AMP Token Price Predictions. My honest opinion for this cryptocurrency (AMP Token) is to start positions during these times and hold until the next run to sell or hold long-term like me.
Amp is a digital collateral token offering instant, verifiable assurances for any kind of value transfer. Using Amp, networks like Flexa can quickly and irreversibly secure transactions for a wide variety of asset-related use cases.

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I am NOT a Financial Advisor. This is NOT Financial Advice. This video is For Entertainment Purposes ONLY.
My Rules: 1) Do your own research. 2) Buy what you can afford losing. 3)Diversify your Money. Thanks For Watching!

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30 gedachten over “AMP TOKEN – Understand This”

  1. Tectobic is down 99 percent we sleeping on it though.. None my business

  2. I'm always keeping an eye out for AMP news from your channel. Keep us posted! Cheers Oscar

  3. I still watch uou Oscar. however my faith in AMP was list long time ago. I sold alot when it was stuck at 3 cents for the longest time. maybe i'll come back. but been gobbling dogecoin lately. thanks for the reminder though

  4. BS guys, take profit! This was a developer pump. Stop listening to these pumpers. I have a friend that is down several tens of thousands of dollars in AMP. NO NEWS means pump and dump! This is why crypto IS IN THE DUMP RIGHT NOW, and will continue to be, because of sleazy business practices.

  5. Oscar, do your research on all investors and backers of coins. 2 Chainz, is not, a nobody!

  6. you got the pump views you needed…. now please go back to cro coin. Thanks

  7. It's back to less than a cent lmao. Whales were trying to pump but failed. Saw the Volume go from 50 million to 100 and the price never went up

  8. Oscar keep us informed my man. Help us make money and you will get your share 😁

  9. When are you gonna stop boosting these worthless coins ? Stop fooling people 🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Been on gala an alchemix so strong lately forgot about amp got 50k I gotta run it up to 100k +

  11. We still have NOT hit the base of that break up candle. This move was no pump and dump.

  12. In the same boat with you. Avg. around .05 and rode that baby down, but ive been Dca recently. Stack up for the next bullrun

  13. AMP is still a sleeping giant, it hasn't awakened yet

  14. About a year ago, a blakat told you that this AMP is heading under a penny and he was right!
    And you are still have the courage to face people

  15. Have to watch one of your videos to make me feel better about amp I have never sold and I’m in it to the for the long hall so small buys now with and big bum it’s with decentraland

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