AMP Token – Sub .02 for a moment…time to buy or time to wait?

laatste update: 05-2022

Not an all time low for the token, not by a long shot, but since it’s ‘arrival’ in February of 2021, this is as low as it has gotten. Market is unhappy and everyone is feeling it, almost everyone. This might be the time to take a breath before you pour more money into a down-trending market…

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11 gedachten over “AMP Token – Sub .02 for a moment…time to buy or time to wait?”

  1. In my personal case I’m down several thousands of dollars but I’m a holdler, I really don’t care the price fluctuation when it comes to …am I losing or gaining money?. I’m one of those that gets happy every time I see these dips going on. Even though my portfolio takes a dip as well, but it is a necessary evil to achieve a greater goal. The cheaper a coin gets the better and more affordable to pile up, if you play the long game you’ll win big time at the end. If you want easy money probably you are very disappointed right now. The bear market is what I aim for, accumulation time… than you see the results of your patience and dedication into DCA in the bull market, it is a very simple strategy and very effective, for me anyways, I’ve heard once that bear market is where whales are made. 😂

  2. I got in sifchain at 7 cents after one of your vids cannot be happier. But i think people should not get into sifchain just yet. There’s gotta be a correction soon lol this price action is incredible

  3. I find your comments, Scott, very well balanced and direct. I also have a chunk of AMP. Let's see where this drops too since the Flexa news has been out. Most likely more time will pass before the next news release. Then I may pick up a few more. Good Podcast. John

  4. as a long term AMP holder bought at .07 on Gemini held at .12 held at .08 wanted the moon and its gone straight down from there poured in more money to dca i always said 5-10 years ..i was about to pull the trigger on some more but with your great insight and reasoning i now believe holding off and waiting is the right move for me so thanks for the Reality check love your videos long time watcher and very much appreciate the work you guys/gals do to keep us informed on all things crypto……

  5. I really do find it interesting that every-time there is good new about amp its always while the market is dumping like it has been.

  6. Be smart with your money! I love every time you say that. Most people that is into crypto they don't understand (NASDA) stocks so I don't expect them know crypto market. I get your disposition and enjoy it. NOW with that being said would you say anyone that came into bitcoin high of 2017, was a fool to continued to buy, buy, buy as price tanked or just held off til the price came back up. It doesn't make much sense for someone to wait til we are back in a bull market to resume buying into a project that they feel strongly about. It took me over 40+ years to start yup messed out on a hell of a lot. I came in doing the highs of 2021 and like most I am down and down big time but the crazy part is I am here and some would say I am late but to me I am ON TIME!!!! There is nothing wrong with DCA into any project you stand behind. NO one knows what the market going to do! The chart only tells you where you been not where your going! Even the best projects sometimes fails!
    Scott keep posting your doing a great job! and to anyone who thinks they can do better video well I don't know you.

  7. Great advice. We need to be smart with our dry power. The market still has further to fall.

  8. Good video! Here is the thing the entire market is down. You have a few cryptos that are holding there gains very well. Most are crashing. I am very analytical and my average is 0.025. I came into AMP for the first time at 0.0275. For my folks that FOMO'D in at the top, your way down and need to learn technicals and trade discipline. Almost everyone is down in AMP accept for the very early investors. In the micro this is bad in the macro you will be fine if you dont panic sell. It's just a matter of time before it's gets moving.

  9. I don't mind buying on the way down. Because it'll be even sweeter when it goes up. It's fundamentally guaranteed if the network sees minimal usage. But I'm also not planning on selling for years.

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