AMP Token – Price settling down? 2 Billion additional AMP staked! Lightning Network at a smooth 7.7%

Has the price mellowed? Little bit. But it is still being moved by someone. Volume is low, but it is picking up, but the price really isn’t. Seems like every crypto in the space gets it’s time at the top…AMP does not seem to be getting it’s turn.

Lots more AMP staked! This is a good thing, it’s how the network functions and is a hugely important element of the price. Staked value is effectively locked value, that’s a good thing and 2 billion more is a lot of it.

Staking percentages are finally smoothing out. Keep in mind, this is determined by the network based on anticipated need. Lighting, needs it. Gemeni Pay? Doesn’t.

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28 gedachten over “AMP Token – Price settling down? 2 Billion additional AMP staked! Lightning Network at a smooth 7.7%”

  1. I’m not going to stop buying amp I don’t care what the price action is. I’m looking long term 5 to 10 years I will revisit it

  2. Let’s hold and see what happens.. also I know you like Storj and if I’m correct I think you said you are familiar with the storage scene. Do you think Filecoin has the same long term potential Storj has?

  3. Somebody on reddit was speculating that there is price manipulation going on temporarily while amp's usage is rolled out to a wider market, if that's the case it might jump up afterwards.

  4. If we stake on lightening can we get it back because you can’t if you do on spedn

  5. I bought amp I'm buying and I will keep buying amp why just because if we believe on crypto we all know amp is a big peace of this puzzle 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻❤️❤️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  6. I said something about AMP being manipulated months ago on the Reddit forum and my post got taken down and I got reprimanded. Thanks for talking about it and making it a legit topic.

  7. Patiente will pay off huge, we gonna be the last to get a great 🚀. Just imagine if BTC ends the year at 85k or 100k, what the AMP price will be? Interesting…

  8. Coti and Polymath are my two biggest bags now. Aiming for 20k coins each. Only gonna buy when it dips now though. I was too diversified so had to bring it in some.

  9. Crypto is just one of those things you’ll have anxiety about, dips and bills can happen at random with no reason.

  10. The reason I went to Gemini's because when you hit lightning all of a sudden your crypto shows up on Gemini unbelievable unbelievably expensive.

  11. My theory is that those large orders on AMP are trying to make investors too scared to buy AND too scared to sell so that the price hardly moves until regulations and implementation in these other countries finish and they can get a read on it's true value since it's sorta the first of it's kind.

  12. Darkside, I'm still a little new to crypto. I'm on Coinbase with a handful of bags of ACH, ADA, AMP, soon to be ALGO, and a few ETH. I am interested in staking what I can and was on a waiting list to stake ETH on CB. I was reading the fine print and notice that it said that you can lose some or all of your investment by staking. What's up with this and how likely or unlikely is this to happen? Is it even possible??? I don't EVEN want to take a chance on losing ANY of my crypto! I want to earn and not lose! Please explain, if you can please. Love your videos, Brother…..Thanks for all you do!

  13. Hey Scott, can you clarify what you meant when you said you'd jump ship if AMP is being manipulated? It sounds like you already think it is… what would it take for you to dump AMP? Confirmation? The motivation behind the manipulation? I know you're not giving financial advise… but it generally pays to mirror your movements.

  14. As always thanks for the updates! Keep up the good work buddy!

  15. loved ur confidence in amp until now. ur saying u might jump ship…..DIAMOND HANDS!!!!!!!! or u will lose out….

  16. hello , what program do you use to create the thing around the screen on the video?

  17. Great video and keeping it real. Amp project is not transparent and no road map. Manipulation by the company then it is time to jump ship.

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