AMP Token Price Analysis – Ready for LAUNCH???

Are we fueling up on the launchpad for a blastoff into the stratosphere? Or is this rocket falling over on the launchpad like the early NASA test launches? Let’s find out.

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  1. Coinbase and other sites has incorrect info with circulating supply at 9.8 billion while according to moonswap zapper and cream the circulating supply is actually close to 35 billions which means it should be ranked 77th not the 248th ranked level the token is currently at.

    This needs to be corrected immediately!

  2. AMP seems like it solves a real issue that plagues all cryptocurrencies. Once AMP is on larger / more exchanges where do you think it could end up price wise – and when? 5c? 10c? 25c? 50c? 1$? 10$? 100$? lol

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