AMP Token – More delistings…Wealthsimple and Webull part ways with AMP!

Be concerned…

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11 gedachten over “AMP Token – More delistings…Wealthsimple and Webull part ways with AMP!”

  1. Absolutely fair questions. I want updates and would love to know what the Flexa & Amp team will do to up its game. Amp's price is brutal and ridiculous, they need to go live with their merchants already as well as FIAT to FIAT, maybe then we may see some serious pumps.

  2. Join us on Twitter spaces this evening. We will discuss all the recent developments with AMP and Flexa.

  3. I'm hurting why the government do me dirty like this 😭😭😭

  4. They're just kicking the regulation can down the road. So these companies give up and pay fines. Thank you Ripple for standing up to the bully.

  5. I'm hurt… Thanks for the coverage my friend.

  6. I love how you state that look, the bottomline is that AMP has less exchanges to purchase it than before, and that is flatout bad. Furthermore, your emotionless and fact-based takes are great! If you can make money, you'll get in and get out. So, you can say AMP will beat the SEC and be adopted…okay well see you in 3 years when that might happen. Currently it's off 5-6 exchanges and barely can be purchased easily now. Bottomline Scott! Great work!

  7. The Sec isn’t directly suing AMP.. These exchanges are just trying to be safe.. Amp is compliant in every way.

  8. You’re not a whale and can’t manipulate anything, but your viewers

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