AMP Token – Memberberries! Coming Soon (TM) ran it’s course, now a lot of the pieces are here…

laatste update: 05-2022

Wasn’t sure which way to go with this video, opted for the YouTube thing. All is well! Have no fear! Any day now! And it is more or less correct. If you were investing in AMP today with no knowledge of what it did last year, it’s a pretty good investment. The pieces are in place, the implementation is ‘coming soon’, and you are not stuck down 80 percent from the ATH.

Just sayin!

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23 gedachten over “AMP Token – Memberberries! Coming Soon (TM) ran it’s course, now a lot of the pieces are here…”

  1. You know why you have so few followers to this BS channel, it's not just because you look and sound annoying, but you have the fakeness to match. This is an early state technology almost ALL crypto is and you make these fake useless videos as if mass adoption has taken place and this isn't moving. you started this failed channel on AMP and lately you only seem to make AMP videos because those are the only videos that bring views to your sorry channel….''WE -MAY-WISH-IT TO -BE -DIFFERENT-BUT-IT'S-NOT!!!!'' Again, you're not an authority in the payment space, never will be. People FAR SMARTER AND BETTER LOOKING then you are hard at work in this space getting the future set and in place for the masses. Why don't you just do us all a favor while the bear market is going on and……..go away. ''PLEASE??''

    P.S your subscribership is STILL atrocious after how long doing this???

  2. Sad but true about Amp. Luckily when ur in @ .03-.04 the burn isn’t as intense. BUT a long time ago I listened to advice on diversification. And boy am I glad I did. I still hold Amp, not selling it. But guys there ARE other tokens out there, and opportunity cost is real. So I suggest any token that allows u to reap an APY is a winner in my book. Playing on 1 team is a losing strategy. You can still be an $Amp fan boy, but I would listen to what Scott is trying to say. And build your wallets in other places. Do NOT put all of ur eggs in the same basket folks.

  3. Please do an updated video on Skale. I remember you did one a while back and would really like your point of view on it today. Seems like a very promising project.

  4. I bought in amp at an average price of .05, and I'm down about 700 bucks now. That's ok though bc I invested with the intention of making money but I am able to lose that money and it will suck but I will be ok. I'm not going to sell and hopefully in the future it be be used for what it is intended for and it will be up

  5. I still enjoy AMP and happy that it hasn't posted a new all time low like OSMO is doing.

    Thanks for the info about OSMO though, made a few bucks and luckily sold when it was over $9.

  6. I don't know why AMP is not focused more on growing it's value, but I get that it requires specific use cases. Been listening to Flexa team and they keep innovating and looking for ways to drill methods into operating their network with businesses, but why does it feel like, for all the work they are doing, and they are serious, I think they're a cool team, is Amp still simmering so low?

    This is excluding the obvious problem of markets going nuts right now and dropping down. In this light, seeing everything go red at once only strengthens my belief that it's not the individual project, at this time, it's a wider net of terrible events affecting crypto negatively.
    Yes there will be some that have moments of green, but those are perhaps doing different things not related to other crypto, so it's not a good 1:1 comparison imo.

    I'm not a diehard crypto guy or a super holder. I depend 100% on my jobs income. But I will hold amp for long term. I'm just not looking to drop 5k on it or something. I'll sit on my $800 and see where it goes
    I don't make much.

    I like hearing your ideas on what you think about current events on cryptos and things like Amp. My thought process is:
    I like serious projects with long term goals that focus on utility and growth. And that they don't treat crypto like some casino game and actually want to use crypto to its potential as a positive financial force for people. It's why I respect projects like Terra Luna and Amp and shun the meme coin junk and the obscene NFT market. And yes NFT's are obscene.🤢

  7. I’m gonna repost this video once the bull market resumes and crypto is blistering .Your down and your not making money, REAL money because if you were you wouldn’t be busy making these useless YouTube videos. The millions are made in crypto by doing the very thing you mock and loathe. Shame, someone with less sense will click on this crap,listen to this garbage and possibly blow a chance at a good future on a solid investment they could have made. Instead they will blow the opportunity to invest and end up like you-

    Hopefully, minus the crappy YouTube channel

  8. I think you're wrong. I've been invested since .007, and I think you're missing something. If you shot your load at the top, then I understand the anxiety of watching the price drop, but people shouldn't be chasing green candles anyways. DCA on projects with good fundamentals is always a good investment. Would you consider yourself an investor, or a trader?

  9. Is it possible for u to make a suggestion with the Amp tokens you got with the governance feature to get insurance pushed

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