AMP Token – It’s really good! Test-net! Interoperability! DCA!

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8 gedachten over “AMP Token – It’s really good! Test-net! Interoperability! DCA!”

  1. Keep up the good work. Someone needs to inform these new investors and warn them about amp. It’s a horrible investment backed by an awful team.

  2. Ironically, they're being more transparent than they realize, when they ban people who do their research. Banned? Enough said.

  3. The SEC is losing their fight against crypto, ETF's are coming, AMP- Flexa – Ampera will do well. I bought a lot of AMP at the bottom and plan to hold for 2-3 years then retire early 🤑

  4. these people on amp discord. ….
    A guy today was saying that he put his sell limit orders at 11$
    another guy was saying how all of us will regret not buying at these prices today
    its a mental asylum in there

  5. I got rekt in amp but ill just hold until it gets to 0.05

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