Amp Token – If you have never bought it, it’s ‘right’ priced! Great value capture ‘if’ and ‘soon’!

If you were to ignore the last 2.5 years of AMP and Flexa, and that is a lot of promises broken, this is not a terrible looking token right now. Price is low low low, APY is acceptable. There could be a lot of upside here but it comes with the risk of a management team that will utterly ignore you as an investor!

So, mixed bag!

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12 gedachten over “Amp Token – If you have never bought it, it’s ‘right’ priced! Great value capture ‘if’ and ‘soon’!”

  1. Thanks Scott – Do like Amps fundamentals. I agree, i think they'll make new announcements as the new cycle picks up. Pointless having good news in this market – we need it to reverse trend first.

  2. Happy New Year
    Thanks for all your great support
    Maui Hawaii Aloha 🤙🤙🤙

  3. Hi Scott, what is your email address? I’d like to ask your advice on staking. Thank you! Grant

  4. Thanks Scott. I agree 100% with your thoughts on AMP at this time and price. Wish you could get Tyler or someone from his team on your channel for a 2023 update session. Might be a good 1H-2023 goal for your channel, if you believe it will help you and your viewers? Just a thought here. Make it a great 2023! 😊

  5. Amp has great potential but I'm with you on the software development. Spedn is terrible. If amp is going to catch on it needs a new app.

  6. I'm absolutely down with AMP, but as I DCA, I never imagined reaching 1 million tokens.

  7. Sadly, now even your AMP bashing videos are barely getting views now. Your channel is a sunk ship Q- ball.

  8. Noticed you have been looking for value capture lately. Check out FCF (French connection finance). Pays 5% dividend per day based on transaction volume for that day. Would love a deep dive into it as I’m thinking about getting in. This token hasn’t followed the bear market at all over the past 6 months

  9. I am a value collector if it's worth more I'm gonna buy it.. Amp is 1of those things up 20 % today 01 16 2023

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