AMP Token – Commercials? Outreach? Education? Yes for all! AMP is a product, and products advertise! in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

Amp Token – I have not been agreeing with much out of Flexa lately, but I totally agree with this move. AMP is a product. It is not precisely a financial product like a dex or a cex, but it is in the financial realm based on what it does. The difference is AMP’s value is or should be determined by the usage of the token, because that is how it was designed. Transaction fees, network uses them to buy liquidity from the open market, disperses the purchased liquidity to the staking pools as rewards, supply and demand kicks in, nice and easy.

But, to get this usage, you need to start educating a consumer. I like the commercial, think they are going the right direction now, and I am anxious to see how it works out!

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  1. Hermosa eleccion 6😍 SEXBABY.Uno de mejor siempre en mi corazóne mañas no se la.🌹🤩💜 Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  2. Just to make you aware I get 4% cash back in amp rewards spending usdc on my coinbase card. Pay the rent get $100 back in amp…. just saying

  3. I poked around on there, read all the tweets and stuff. I'm not sure what I think. Flexa could just be a little piece of a more general cyber commercial. Could have its own commercial. I don't know. Does it matter? What is it going to be and where will it play? 15 seconds before a YouTube video? Condensed to 5 seconds so people can't skip? Will it be a little piece of a bigger sheetz commercial? Between the roller grill BOGO and the 44oz for a dollar promo?

    Guess this is one of those times we sit back and see how it plays out. Then the next time an alt-coin has rumors of a commercial we will have some frame of reference. But for now we're learning on the job.

  4. If they build a fiat on ramp could that be in the works at some point?

  5. You have a sore throat from swallowing your pride. I just came back because I heard you did an amp video. Your still unfollowed and you have no idea what is coming the AMP storm is coming.

  6. Wow. i have no idea what your point is. I listened to the whole video and still have no idea what you are trying to convey. But whatever you wanted to say probably could have been said in 60 seconds….

  7. What do you think about Flexa receiving their money transmitting licenses in every state? you think they're going to add on fiat as a payment option in the future? They do say they will be asset agnostic. I don't necessarily agree that they have to grow a user base because if everything goes right the user itself won't have to know what's on the backend for the app they are using to make a payment. Flexa/AMP will be running in the background without them knowing. In Tyler's most recent interview he mentioned they already have over 50% integrations within the US already so that'll probably start to get announced around the same time they release this commercial. I think you're confusing Flexa that they NEED to advertise a payments app in order for AMP to be used which is correct but it can be ANY payments app, any wallet, any exchange integration, banking apps… ETC ETC it doesn't have to be a Flexa exclusive one (SPEDN is proof of concept).

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