AMP Token – Chipotle added to merchant list! Price is not booming, but it isn’t busting either!

I’m looking for anything positive right now, and the fact that a new merchant has been added to the SPEDN app is positive. I recently purchased a million AMP, not because I believe it is going to pop, but because I believe it is not going to go much lower. Sadly, this is where we are on our crypto journey, not eating more losses. Fun!

I will go to Chipotle today, will buy a soda, and will use the SPEDN app to pay for it. I have had money languishing on their for a good year now, time to use it! Trying to be positive here!

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14 gedachten over “AMP Token – Chipotle added to merchant list! Price is not booming, but it isn’t busting either!”

  1. Just like I said on your last video, the merchants are going to give discounts because they're saving millions. This falls along the lines of Robert Tiyosaki looking for problems and coming up with solutions to make millions. Flaxa found a niche, a good example of this business model being performed are in airports who encourage passengers to use the bathroom before boarding, which help reduce weight. This allows the plane to burn less fuel which helps saves millions each year. Same Concept and this is going to catch on like wildfire.

  2. I was gonna buy amp back in the fall I remember 16k coins was like a grand or so. I just got the same amount for under 200 bucks. Crazy. But I’m bullish on amp long term. Chipotle had 21% growth in their business this year too. Happy to accumulate some amp as long as we’re down here

  3. I heard Chipotle has a lot of lawsuits going on against them ? Not sure but a friend of mine told me last night when I saw this news online about Flexa / Amp. So,.. maybe chipotle is doing whatever they can to stay alive financially ? Haven’t researched but anyway,.. being in the AMP community and as an investor myself,… I’ll take any bullish news we can get LoL 😂 very bullish long on this one. Hopefully Amazon and Walmart will pick it up LoL but we need solid crypto regulation and clear guard rails before the flood gates open. But that’s ok,.. continuing to DCA 👍✌️🚀🚀🚀

  4. Thankfully I was never a big gambler and holding $amp was a calculated move on my part. Never been able to save a dime my whole life, and yet I’ve been holding $amp well over a year. I’m more proud of its stability in the bear market than anything. The fact that $amp can take as many punches to the chin, as it has. That’s a HUGE positive for me. Price movement will come when it comes, I have other tokens that do that for me, and other tokens I buy as “flippers” but $amp was never one of those for me. Keep ur head up Scott, market is rough as hell right now, but for every dark night there is always always always a brighter day. Just not today😂🥲🥴🫶🏻😹

  5. My price point on this is 1,000,000 for $1,000. Ten for a penny is about what I'd pay for how far out this is and what a long shot it is. In my mind even at that it's still comparable to giving $1,000 to the next person I see on the side of the road with a cardboard sign.

  6. One this would attract alot more to speden is 1% cashback in stable coin of their choice & on top of their special offers like %10 off when u shop at Chipotle

  7. Lol I bought a ton of amp recently because I sold off my holdings last fall to buy some land and repurchased it back recently for like 6x less than I sold it for

  8. AMP… AMP… AMP…. My first crypto love. I bought back in a few weeks ago. Hopes and prayers that the chipotle trial proves to their owners, aka McDonald’s, that Flexa can handle the transactions for them too. Problem is no one is going to buy chipotle with crypto, just a gimmick to them at this point. Maybe one day when Flexa realizes they have to involve fiat things will get more serious. But in the mean time, I’ll ride this up a 5x when the market comes back.

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