AMP Token – Buying again, purely for the flip. Just for clarity, no interest in it long term!

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14 gedachten over “AMP Token – Buying again, purely for the flip. Just for clarity, no interest in it long term!”

  1. You don’t make any sense. You LOVED it at 6 cents and had video after video explaining WHY you loved it. But your narrative changed? How come? Tokenomics never changed? Project direction never changed? They’re still building.

  2. Some insider told him a pump is coming so it's time to make a quick buy and sell. It's not because he's a genius.

  3. What’s the tax consequences of the buying a selling. Isn’t it 40%?

  4. I’m an amp staker, but I respect your clear & concise point-of-view on things.

  5. "You wanted positive videos…I'm buying this shit again. I don't believe in it."

    I love you man! I can't get enough of you talking about AMP. Your many "elephants in the room" points have saved me from getting rekt in other projects.

  6. PayPal launches PYUSD stablecoin backed by the US dollar / PayPal USD is built on Ethereum and is 1:1 redeemable for US dollars. Making amp more obsolete?

  7. This guy is brilliant, buy at .0025, selling at .0022, he really does buy high and sell low

  8. I’ve had $AMP for a while & you make a lot of sense. Unfortunately with no news from the Flexa Team/Ampera % gains seems to be the best way.

  9. This guy cant be an Amp OG and be sn amp 🐀 at the same time.

  10. You went from adoring this stock to trashing it. I remember your videos where you say you have never seen anything like this token, its amazing blah blah… now you hate it. So in your opinion they blew it already? Lost cause? No shot? Idiots running the show? All of the above?

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