4 gedachten over “AMP TOKEN- BREAKING!! mastercard //visa scared 😱 AMP will take over the payment industry #crypto”

  1. what im noticing is AMP is still holding strong honestly,looks like buying pressure for it to not go lower and looks like they dont want it to go higher either, My toughts is AMP is part of the big PLAN and they want people desperate of Price action and then boom Up we go or Amp is a real threat and they want it down 🐺 worth the risk when you know the potential of AMP , remember those times seperate the winners and loser.PATIENCE

  2. Enjoy listening to your amp videos, keep it going 👍 when do you think the SEC business is going to be resolved with amp? Up to 100k amp now….slowly adding a bit each week. Think watching your videos made me think it's worth the risk for a long term accumulation and hold 🙂✅️✅️

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