AMP Token – All is well! No need to panic! Should have done that awhile ago!

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16 gedachten over “AMP Token – All is well! No need to panic! Should have done that awhile ago!”

  1. Jackal holding at 5 cents has given me more confidence in the company.

  2. Stuck. Will take the loss in Dec then make a decision

  3. Amp stake rewards getting dumped in the market.
    Amp employees Salaries get dumped in the market.
    Random coin Unlocks and thrown into the circulating supply get dumped in the market.
    No support lines or technical analysis left to do since its below all time low
    Any pumps get squizzed within 1h by desperate people looking for exit liquidity
    This is straight falling apart every day every hour just down down down

  4. You sure post a lot of amp videos for someone who has said they aren’t invested in any meaningful way anymore. Sour grapes?

  5. Your list of tokens in the top left corner is awfully small. I know it means nothing but it's funny to correlate that to the bear market (aka tokens dying like JUNO). Anyway, nice to see you back.

  6. I always love to see the AMP videos. Its like a train wreck owning AMP. I'm in the hole so deep I just consider it a lesson in crypto. Thank you for staying with the AMP vids. People do seem to like the vids!!

  7. I bought high and been burnt. This is my first big burn. I’m stuck with amp. Nothing I can do.

  8. I give you so much credit for how you fairly comment on the utter and total disaster Amp is. You are even handed and don’t ridicule but deliver the news. But at the same time just hammering home the point: Amp is dead, and anyone buying Amp today is just providing exit liquidity for someone who’s finally given up. My only regret, other then losing a bit of cash back when it was still 3 whole cents, is being banned from r/AmpToken, I’d love to say “Hi” to everyone who poured hate on me when the price was dropping from 5 cents and falling and I kept earning: we’re going under a penny. AintAmpGreat lol

  9. I think it will add another 0 by the end of the year 😂

  10. Honestly i have a feeling amp will break it's all time high

  11. 3 out or 4 videos on this “channel” are AMP, is this an amp channel despite what this guy says?

  12. RIP amp token, too many tokens. 100 billion? Lmao this coin is a rug pull. 😅

  13. I remember some time ago I was thinking of buying it @0.5, glad I didn’t.

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