2 gedachten over “AMP TOKEN: 60K AMP AND COUNTING!!!”

  1. Not that I dont like Darkside, I just think he swings far too much one way or the other in his opinions – when he was holding a million AMP it was the best opportunity in crypto, 6 months later hes holding a few thousand and its trash. Hes not alone in that, most crypto youtubers are subjective depending on their own holding positions…..but the fact is that if you just look at the Flexa project for what it is, there are clearly more reasons for optimism than pessimism. Yes, Flexa have made mistakes, and have admitted so….but are we really going to lose on this coin long term at 0.004? I highly doubt it.

  2. Amp is a collateral global token for it to work dat price has to be high amp will shock da world I jus reach my goal 101k amp tokens shit finna be crazy we Dey see da price of amp token 60k a token amp is big business like xrp dats why sec sued dem pay da fine xrp not a security price already set soon as dey flip dat got damn switch boom da greatest transformation of wealth human eyes has ever seen history will be made

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