ALL these NFL players got INJURED at training camp… A convo with @TheFantasyDoctors

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0:00 – Kadarius Toney’s knee
10:37 – Jalen Ramsey’s knee
12:40 – Burrow’s calf
17:20 – Garrett Wilson’s foot
18:28 – Mahomes’ ankle
24:32 – When could Toney return

🗞 Articles For Reference 🗞
Joe Burrow carted off at practice

Jalen Ramsey to have knee surgery

Kadarius Toney’s knee surgery

Garrett Wilson’s ankle


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30 gedachten over “ALL these NFL players got INJURED at training camp… A convo with @TheFantasyDoctors”

  1. So awesome you had Dr. Jesse on! What a great insight to injuries around the league.

  2. This was a great explanation on these injuries I would see them online but I wanted to know more in depth about them but glad Cole got this video together with this amazing Doctor.

  3. I hurt my knee during track season. The school nurse said it was a strained ligament. What stretches should I do to be ready by football?

  4. Honestly, Football is such a violent sport I am surprised there are not mor injuries. Heal up, KT❤

  5. Let’s just hope and pray all the players get better, which is nobody deserves to go through all the stuff they’re going to right now

  6. Jody Fortson and Drue Tranquill both got hurt and are done can you please explain what happened to them in a video?

  7. Yeah KT probably not going to be extended past his rookie contract with his meniscus problems. With his running style, cutting so hard that his knees almost hits the ground, I don’t see him being super productive past the next 2 to 3 years.

  8. All these injuries make me question the point of training camp. It’s good for the younger players, but what’s the point for the veteran players.

  9. Great video Cole; such great information! My wife and son both had meniscus surgery and this is the best explanation of what the meniscus does, how to repair it and consequences when damaged.

  10. I sustained a grade two strain during a workout about 10 years ago. Worst pain I've ever felt. I'm not a world class athlete and I was in my 50's, nonetheless I was down for two months. It took almost a year to get to full strength.

  11. Honestly Tony needs to stop trying to juke to much and just run routes.

  12. This was really cool, cole! Something different, but super important and impactful to the game, that nobody else is really doing. You should have him on during the season as a weekly or every other week regular.

  13. I went to the chiefs/jags game and when I saw mahomes go down it really hurt me.. but when Chad came in and kept us in the game that was just incredible I'm going to miss him. For him to help us win not 1 but 2 playoff games is commendable.

  14. Wishing all of them a speedy recovery! 🙏 Fly Eagles Fly 🦅

  15. This was a very informative video. I highly recommend this becomes a normal part of your channel!!! Good job

  16. Mvs is the dude pat gotta get him going early this year 6"4 4.3 speed gotta get him going

  17. Not gone lie this might be toney only year to injury prone

  18. I actually think Jack Cochrane may have grazed Kelce’s chin when punching for the ball🤔

  19. As a Chiefs fan you have to respect game! Burrow is that dude. Always good when they play Chiefs!

  20. Thank you! This was very informative! Hope all the players make a full recovery! Especially Burrow, I love watching him and Mahomes battle it out!

  21. They all had the jab they …we goner see a lot if strange stuff thus year in sports like James son going down with heart problems

  22. Hey guys, I'm a retired professional water skier. I wore through my meniscus ski jumping. Dr Baker trimmed it and it was no weight on it for 6 weeks. And then three additional months to rehab it back where I could ski again. It healed up and has never given me a problem since.

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