Algebra I: Grouping Symbols (Level 1 of 2) | Simplify, Nested Grouping, No Grouping Symbols

This video goes over the proper way to simplify numerical expressions using grouping symbols, nested grouping and expressions without grouping symbols.

#algebra #math #school

0:00 Introduction
1:09 Multiplication
1:54 Grouping Symbols
2:38 Nested Grouping Symbols
3:31 No Grouping Symbols

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10 gedachten over “Algebra I: Grouping Symbols (Level 1 of 2) | Simplify, Nested Grouping, No Grouping Symbols”

  1. Do you view the radical sign as a grouping symbol? And where does it fit into the order of operations?

  2. As of July 1st, 2018 this video has had only 7,259 view…yet some stupid celebrity got a million views on the nearly unintelligible review of some restaurant. This is an amazing tool, I wish my teachers had this type of tech at their fingertips. Imagine what life would be like for the average human being if intelligence was popularized. Here's to a future where we completely ignore one of the greatest potential tools in education simply because fat cats can't get fatter without the help of a workforce with sub-par levels of intellect. I encourage people to spread the news, it's time to bring the human brain to the cusp of evolution, we all know what happens to species whom can't or don't evolve.

  3. Awesome keep it up may Allah reward you for efforts and good job

  4. This helped me better understand how to simplify, thank you so much!!

  5. But in bodmas
    We first have to do division them multifunction
    Now what I am going to do?😱

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