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In this cryptocurrency live stream we take a look at the latest crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours. We also open up the live chat to Q&A and encourage an active open, two way communication to help everyone grow together.

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14 gedachten over “ADA Staking on Coinbase? | Crypto Chat with Cheeky Crypto Live”

  1. 0.0009 cent NFT space coin that is set to MOON, ECOMI/OMI. About to be listed on Uniswap, Do your research.

  2. With the shitty customer support from Coinbase, I'm not trusting them with any of my assets. Period.

  3. guys where and how we change digital asset to $ on big amount like over 100000$ with out have problem with the bank accept it or what we need to provide when time will come do so ??? what is the best exchange do so and pay less fee ?? some one think about ?? time will come we will be rich and how we use this big money with out problem ??

  4. Can you do another video of what projects you would choose today to 4million

  5. no guys, it's the D parameter which was holding coinbase back from listing cardano, they are very strict on decentralization.

  6. Gday lads rate your show. I think an interesting discussion would be what percentage of your ADA would you hold through a bear market (if any). Cheers Farls (from down under)

  7. Looking to stake my Ada / im pretty new to crypto . Cant really see where to go forward on your web site to stake ??? Can you also explain more on the actual benefits of staking . Thanks

  8. Please can you only say Ada. Not A D A . Ada is named after a very important person, this should be respected as a name.
    Not so much a criticism, it just sounds a bit wrong.

  9. I just staked through Atomic. Thanks for the info guys. I'm on the team!

  10. Couple comments and an important question to investigate:
    1. Saw this q. Coinbase is important bc it's the highest amount of US investors. Coins get listed there, and price pops with the "Coinbase Effect".
    2. The race is on for market share and TVL. Including exchanges. Binance came out last week w offer of 21% APY for ADA staking… highest I have seen anywhere? Why so much higher than anyone else? First, the more staked, the higher TVL they can boast. So perhaps those addresses you saw were Binance? And once the ADA gets locked there, low chance of moving. With 76% of ADA staked, this is huge. $21 Billion. If Coinbase waits too long, Binance could corner and control the market.

  11. Ok here is the potential shady stuff going on. I bought some Venus a few days ago for $25. Seemed interesting, and Binance Smart Chain. So I threw a dart. A few days after Binance offered the high APY on ADA staking of 21%, I was curious how they were going to account for it. Then I saw it.

    Venus suddenly had $2 Billion TVL, and shot toward the top of the TVL charts… not too long after its launch. PR-wise, this makes BSC look very attractive… especially with ETH stalled with high gas fees. Venus then also added ADA liquidity mining. Today, Venus is at $3.54 BB… right behind SushiSwap. What an incredible story! No wonder Linear left ETH for BSC. And others might do the same, as time is money… and this stallout on ETH is costing these Defi platforms money, marketshare, TVL, etc. BSC is running, and has a built in audience with Binance. So Binance has a window of opportunity, to potentially convert alot of Defi projects… especially if they have huge numbers that create FOMO, in the middle of the bull market. It would just be a matter of showing some crazy roi as proof of concept.

    Hello, Venus. But again, How so much TVL so fast? Venus was unknown, and now is top 10 in TVL.

    So what if they got a boost to pump the numbers? What if Binance is acting as 3rd party to BSC, like IOHK is to ADA? But what if Binance is taking their newly staked ADA assets, and somehow giving Venus the credit? What if that's where $2B and now $3.54 B TVL came from? In theory, Binance could say that BSC is a diff co, and that they staked their ADA over on Venus to increase BNB shareholder value. It might be a legal loophole, but it looks shady. And I say this after my Venus just tripled in a few days. But if this is indeed legal, then my love Cardano should check this out… and look at ways to maximize staking on ADA platforms.

  12. Is the stake pool on adalite, if so what is the pool id thanks

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