A word on reddit, blackouts, & effective protesting









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30 gedachten over “A word on reddit, blackouts, & effective protesting”

  1. I deleted my twitter and reddit quite a long time ago I'm trying to build up the courage to delete facebook too

  2. So all of this is because of an api price increase…???!!!

  3. reddit, used to be cool, now it's for commie homos and nobody else.

  4. if Louis deletes his Reddit, i will delete mine the same day too. Enough is enough

  5. Thank you Louis for mentioning the difficulty of boycotting so many companies and services these days.

    I really thought I am alone in this and could not figure out how to handle it.

    There are so many companies that do not deserve the support. I get many people saying "so don't use anything at all" because its just way too much anti consumerism out there.

    Its even harder to band together with many other people to follow with it.
    Its basically dialing back consumerism and buying much less then we use too in our capitalistic era.

  6. Why do you think the redditers are winning? Subreddits are coming back up new ones are being made to replace the ones that are still down and the CEO hasn't responded to it. I don't think the redditers have enough support to win this but we'll see

  7. How about not to use any server – client type service in your life. Most of the Internet users should have already learned, that server type services, any clouds and oter server staff is a way to abuse people, because server is centralised power of action. It is time for users to start building free and P2P or similar type decentralized alternatives. There all internet users can feel free and safe by using their content and services under their own computers at home connected in the gigantic web, where no one alone can change usage rules, make everything proprietary, rise the payments, or switch everything OFF.

  8. I did it for twitter, I did it for reddit. I'm a content creator with a fanbase in the dozens of thousands, I bring the views, Im a taste maker. no website can take that from you. period . they do you dirty you somewhere else. If a social is that important and there's nowhere to go/ you can make a mastodon instance for a few bucks a month.

  9. For all the people saying"maybe we should make our own decentralised forums", thats already happening. Take a look at how kbin and lemmy are growing, like how mastodon grew when elon took over twitter.

  10. I understand how the price increase affects companies that use reddit data, but I don't see why would the moderators of subreddits care so much about that.

    How does the creator of a subreddit get compensated, if it all?

    And if the creator/moderator of a subreddit closes the community, can't another of the same name be created again?

    BTW, anyone remember dejanews?

  11. I got banned permanently because some of the moderators kept reporting me on something I did back in 2018 that was resolved. I accidentally broke rules in slavelabour and then those mods got my account banned of over 10 years over me ASKING them after a few years to unban me…smfh

    Reddit is trash, and I deleted it after that.

  12. Didn’t delete my Reddit account, but I deleted the official app, all of my posts, and stopped using it.

  13. Actually this is a good thing that reddit is dying, people on reddit are braindead anyway.

  14. Reddit continues to quarantine posts about vaccine side effects. Fk em.

  15. Reddit have been trash since forever, but there is no real Reddit alternative

  16. I'm new here. You seem well spoken and reasonable. Charitable in your video content choices. That in mind I personally am only aware of this debacle because I was denied information in my searches. As far as reddit itself. It was doomed the community of censorship took root.

  17. I can't think of any other apps that let third-party apps access their content. Hell, Android doesn't even let users into their own files anymore. Why should reddit be any different? Why should they have to let other developers access their database? Its their content. The only problem I see with reddit is the individual forumns shutting themselves down and cutting themselves off from the rest of the internet.

  18. Here's something simple you can do if you have a tendency to end up on their website: log out. That way you need an extra step in order to engage with anything on their website.

  19. A Blackout friday would have been much better.

    That would put in pressure indefinately untill the problems are solved

  20. rest assured my account is deleted and will never come back unless they reverse the changes AND do something truly awesome as an apology and a statement such thing will not happen again.

  21. ok cool 6 minutes of info the rest just a rant that going on strike is useless… tell that the working class mr im sitting in a big comfy chair.

  22. Reddit never appealed to me as a timesink. I used it for info, but here are other sources. No biggie to put a "-reddit" behind my search to exclude it.

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