A very UNFORTUNATE update about THIS Chiefs receiver… And more news

Your daily Chiefs news featuring a look at Nick Sirianni’s history with the Chiefs, injury update and bad news about Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman
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0:00 – Chiefs injuries
1:34 – Mahomes ankle
2:31 – Bad news on Mecole
5:40 – JuJu & CEH
7:10 – Eagles injuries
7:48 – I love COFFEE
8:24 – Chiefs Eagles stats
9:20 – Sirianni’s Chiefs story
11:41 – SB Jersey Colors

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Chiefs Eagles Super Bowl injury report


Nick Sirianni’s coaching history with the Chiefs

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30 gedachten over “A very UNFORTUNATE update about THIS Chiefs receiver… And more news”

  1. I feel bad for Mecole, man 😥 Hopefully he gets right in the offseason, but sooner than that for the rest! We need at least JuJu or Toney out there. Preferably both! Do you all agree?

  2. I always root for Mecole. He’s one of my favorite guy. I used to watched him in during his college days. I hope he can recover before the superbowl. 😢

  3. Juju, KT, Skyy, MVS, Watson and some guy named Kelce. Plus Pacheco and McKinnon. Chiefs will be fine.

  4. I think there's a decent chance that Hardman comes back on a one year prove it deal. I'm sure the Chiefs would like to bring him back and I'd love to have him back at the right price.

  5. Mecole is likely gone unless there is a short-term sweet heart deal for the team. Toney , Sky Moore with at least one Ross (maybe two) coming up.

  6. Do we let Hardman walk and let toney get his spot, Maybe look for a WR in free agency? Keep the draft for defense

  7. How crazy is tonies year, the guy was in a rough spot in New York and now he's going to play in the super if he plays there's a good chance he gets a touchdown. That's something I'm going to bet on

  8. I really hope they bring hardman back next year I really like that kids, and he's electric

  9. I sincerely hope Mecole Hardman comes back next year, he's proving to be a good receiver, maybe not a number one but a solid number two for sure. And his being in the lineup but more importantly when he went out of the lineup and the RedZone production went down, really shows how important he can and has been to this offense.
    And honestly it kind of pisses me off to hear people dogging on the guy. He's always given his heart to this team, especially when he came in as a rookie and is very very awkward situation.
    People seem to forget the reason we drafted him was because way too many people bought into the rumor mill in the BS reporting by the KC Star when it came to Tyreek Hill. Then him being drafted into that situation made it kind of awkward but he made the best of it and did really good.
    He's been a solid number two receiver his whole career here, and people trying to say that he's prone to drops and stuff like that is a bit of a stretch. And as far as his injuries go we really don't know what's going on right now common to try to say he's injury-prone because of it ears very short-sighted and frankly kind of judgmental.
    I sincerely hope he does come back next year if not a couple more.

  10. much respect to the Chiefs looking forward to a good game. May the best team win. That being said, Go Birds 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

  11. I think Mecole is gone. I loved having him but I get the vibes he wants big money and something new. He wanted to be targeted more and be out of Hill and Kelces shadow. I got those vibes with his superbowl post and games where he's wide open and Mahomes goes for check downs instead or Hill with cover three.

  12. Wish the eagles would wear black and chiefs wear red. Color Rush Superbowl

  13. It's very annoying saying 2 Black quarterbacks starting in the SB when Patrick is 50% Black. Can say he's white. Does that 50% not count?

  14. Mecole hasn't played in like 8-9 weeks. That's money right there. He's a great addition, but his value has been compromised by inconsistency

  15. It depends on how Mecole injury turns out depends if JuJu gets signed or how manny high dollar offers Mecole gets remember he has some pretty good Highlight films Clyde is gone.

  16. Mecole probably goes to another team next year, with the progression of searching for a newer receiver in the upcoming draft. My inexpert analysis.

  17. Found you through Tom. I’m a chiefs fan. I finally have a chiefs podcaster to watch!

  18. Our defense needs to play as hard as they can on the super bowl, Eagles offense is good not as good as the chiefs though. HBTC!!

  19. Honestly let juju and hardman go and get hopkins and skymoore and toney rdy!! Keep watson

  20. Hey Cole how about blake bell will the bell dozer play next Sunday?

  21. That Mac lethal chiefs rap was FIRE though. I Waited 2 whole years for it to come out.

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