A Silent (Hidden) Monero (XMR) Miner Builder | Wallet & Pool Settings in 2022

laatste update: 09-2022

You can mine on your own/friend machine. This tool has many functions so you can mine CPU/GPU.

## Main Features
1. Native & .NET – Miner installer and watchdog coded in C#, Shellcode loader/injector coded in C, miner requires .NET Framework 4.5
2. Shellcode – All .NET C# parts are converted into Shellcode and injected using a native C loader, can be disabled
3. Injection (Silent/Hidden) – Hide payload behind another process like explorer.exe, conhost.exe, svchost.exe or other processes
4. CPU & GPU Mining – Can mine on Both CPU and GPU (Nvidia & AMD)
5. Idle Mining – Can be configured to mine at different usages or not at all while computer is or isn’t in use
6. Stealth – Pauses the miner and clears the GPU memory while any of the programs in the “Stealth Targets” option are open
7. Watchdog – Replaces the miner file if removed and starts it if the injected miner is closed down
8. Remote Configuration – Can get the miner settings remotely from a URL every 100 minutes
9. Bypass Windows Defender – Adds exclusions into Windows Defender for the general folders the miner uses
10. Process Killer – Constantly checks for any programs in the “Kill Targets” and kills them if found

## Download and Pool Links

## Chapters
00:00 Download MyMonero Wallet
03:00 Wallet Settings
05:30 Pool Information
08:10 Downloand Builder Tool
10:40 Builder Config Settings
12:35 Test Time …
14:45 Test of the Pool
16:00 Start Earning Xmr
16:10 Setting a Minimum Payment Amount
17:15 Remove Miner

## Disclaimer
You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only.

This software’s main purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not own, or have the right to use.

By using this software, you automatically agree to the above.

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  1. if you turn off the pc, turn it on again, is it still mining??

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